Milna Baby Biscuit | First Impression

By Mhownai - February 02, 2017

I saw a commercial of Milna and I immediately wanted to try it with my baby. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find Milna in any convenient stores and I wasn't able to go to SM Supermarket anytime soon because I was really busy with my school homeschool and with the baby. Luckily, a while ago, I was able to find it Mercury Drug. Immediately, I bought it for 55 php.

As I went home, I immediately let my baby try the biscuit. He was used in eating Marie biscuit but for some reason he didn't liked it anymore, maybe he just got used of its taste and looking for a different taste? I don't know. *LOL*

Anyways, here is what it looks like:

As you can see on the background, my dad is feeding Edmund Milna Baby Biscuit for the first time. And so far, he's enjoying it. 

Look how my Edmund loves his Milna for the first time he tasted it. I adore this little guy and its just so cute to watch him, my heart just melts. 

As you open the box, you can see how Milna Biscuits was packed perfectly. 
As you open the packaging, you can smell the biscuits, it's so mouth-watering.

I didn't expected that this is what Milna Baby Biscuit looks like. It's so big and it's kind of hard so I was hesitant to give this big baby to my Edmund because I know he can't bite it, yet. So I tried to break it in pieces.

Also, I tried tasting this biscuit and God, it's sooo good! I can eat it all. Hahaha! As I offered the biscuit to Edmund, he didn't had a hard time dissolving it in his mouth. So I was happy that he enjoys the food, you can tell by the look on his face and his eyes widens and how his mouth was wide open as you offer the biscuit to him

We also tried dissolving the biscuit as shown in the commercial, It was immediately dissolved and I tried offering it to Edmund. He consumed it all.

So for our first impression, my baby enjoyed it really well. it's his 4th day trying this biscuit and he still loves it. I have no plans in buying or trying another biscuit any time soon but as he finished the pack, I'll buy another one just different brand. What I got was the Original flavor.

Milna Baby Biscuit comes in different flavors: Original, Banana, Orange and Mixed Fruit. I will try Banana as soon as he consumed all of his biscuits. I researched about Milna and they are also offering cereals, that has DHA, Prebiotic to help strengthen body defence, calcium.

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