February Get Planning with Me

By Mhownai - February 04, 2017

I started with a new series on my channel and that's a planning with me series. I am planning to continue this as long as I have a planner.

Again, I am using a planner that I got from Loureth on facebook for 230 pesos with a free Parker ballpen. I am enjoying this planner. I didn't buy an expensive planner, well, not yet because I wanted to know if I can continue with this hobby. Not to mention it's really expensive and time-consuming but despite all that, it was really relaxing and I just love the hype that I'm feeling whenever I finish a craft- like this. I manage 2 planners (One which is this, my main planner and a planner for all of my blogs and video ideas) I also have a to-do list notebook and a journal. So far, I was able to maintain all of them.

Washi tape sample from getwashified.ph on instagram

I used 4 types of washi tapes, the heart designed washi tape. I chose this as my design because February is the month of love. I got this from a facebook group wherein sellers destash their planning supplies. Then this pretty peach slim washi tape that I got from our local book store that I bought as a set and I used this violet glittered tape that I got in the same bookstore. Lastly, this diagonal striped sample washi from getwashified.ph as accent on the calendar spread. 

By the way, check out getwashified.ph on instagram, the seller is really nice and approachable and she's selling a lot of washi samples in really affordable price. 👍

Random stickes that I got from the same facebook group and some that I just printed. I just used these babies as decoration and accent from my calendar spread. 

So this is the finished product of my monthly spread. I know this is not much but I really like the way it look. I also wanted to let you know that I tried to record how I decorated my monthly spread and I would appreciate if you guys will check my youtube account. 

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