Family Weekend (Part 1)

By Mhownai - February 13, 2017

I am so broken this past week, lucky enough my family spent their weekend at our house because my Ninong arrived from Canada. We were so excited because the last time we saw him is when my Grand mother is still alive.

Saturday afternoon when my cousin Kuya Kenn and his son Lawson arrived here in our house. It was also Lawson's first time to meet my son, Edmund.

After a few hours, Kuya Kenn's twin, Kuya Khris arrived.

We spent our few hours together watching Mama Mia then we slept the entire afternoon. Idk it's just that we are just so tired. LOL!

Afterwards, my mom's siblings arrived and my cousin, Ate Wheng with her 2 little ones arrived round out 3 hours after. My cousins Kuya Pipoy and his girlfriend Ate Juliet arrived in the evening. They bought ice cream that we ate in midnight as we partied and sang at the karaoke. 

Ate Wheng gave her pasalubong to Edmund, a hooded towel. Thanks Tita Wheng!!

Tomorrow, Sunday, mom with my dad and his siblings went to the airport to fetch my Ninong. We stayed home and waited for them to arrive. We spent the morning going to the park wherein our little ones enjoyed themselves in the park. 

Edmund and I spent our time in the swing since he cannot walk yet but soon when he can walk on his own. Watch us and he'll conquer the play ground! Rolf!

As soon as we got home, we immediately prepared our little one's bath and afterwards, we let the babies slept the entire afternoon then we slept. I took a bath before anyone else and prepared for ninong's arrival.

They arrived at our house by noon and they ate lunch and we went to SM in the evening to have our family dinner. We ate at Kuya J's

Before we went to SM. I took a quick photo with the bagets

I was supposed to do a review about Kuya J  but I am so starving and I want to focus on my family rather than with my blog. Their food was divine. I loved their Crispy Pata. 

As soon as we got home, Edmund was knocked out and Ninong Boy was craving so hard to eat Jollibee. According to him, in order to eat Jollibee, they must drive 3 hours from Canada to USA- that is their nearest Jollibee in the area. Hahahaha. So he bought Jollibee. It also tastes different compared to Philippine Jollibee says my Ninong. 

I ordered, CHEESY BACON CHAMP! Mmmmm! My favorite. ❤ 

Family is your best weapon to surpass every problem. I am deeply hurt right now but I'm happy I was able to live again. Thanks to my fam. 

Wait for my part 2- the pasalubongs

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