This is how I celebrated 2017

By Mhownai - January 04, 2017

Happy new year everyone!!!

I have to admit. This is one of the most memorable new year in my life. Why you may ask? Because (1) My partner celebrated new year with my parents and (2) This is Edmund's first new year.

We woke up at around 8 AM and immediately, went outside for my parents to play with Edmund and I am preparing for Edmund's breakfast.

Then mom and dad asked me to cook eggs for breakfast while they went to the public market to buy food for our media noche.

As soon as they got home we immediately prepared or lunch and Mico cooked Calderta (I must say, it tasted Divine)

After we finished eating out sumptous meal, we prepared for the media noche. Of course, I am the one whose taking care of Edmund but I'm helping them everytime he's asleep.

When I am taking care of Edmund, we watch showtime- throwback of the best for the year 2016

We also fell asleep in the afternoon so we have enough energy for the New Year's Eve. 

By the way, I also learned well not learned but read how to make chicken nuggets. I'll try making this soon. Hopefully it works. 😁

By 6 am, we saw how our desserts are getting together. My mom cooked leche flan while I made graham cake- Mico's personal request and his favorite. 

Night came, we spend the time by karaoke, dad and Mico drank beer, I'm incharge with Edmund and mom's incharge with the food. Our helper took a 5 day vacation for her to spend New Year with her family in Tarlac. 

Here are the last selfies for the year 2016:

Did I mention that mom got us a matchy matchy polka dotted dusters. Cutie. 

I also changed Edmund's clothes in to a onesie with ball design that kind of look like polka dots. 

We enjoyed the count down and greeted each other a happy new year. Mico and I shared our New year's kiss and hug together with out first born. We lighted 2 kinds of fountain that we bought at 150 and 60 pesos but none of them lasted too long so I didn't had a chance to take a picture. Also, I didn't took a picture of our media noche because I was dread hungry. But here's the fireworks of our neighbors that we enjoyed watching 

Lastly, I am wishing you all a Happy Happy new year and may this year be filled with happiness and success in life. I do hope that we brushed off all the negativity that we encountered last year. 

As I turned a new yesr in my life, I do hope that I will be able to be stronger and be able to focus more on my goals and not to think about the negativity and toxic people that came my way last year. This is my year. I'm claiming it. 

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