By Mhownai - January 26, 2017

Hi guys! I've been so very busy this past few weeks and I couldn't believe that this month just gone by but I must admit, a lot of things had happened and its too overwhelming.

But anyways, I made a tag video in youtube and also making a blog for you guys because I really enjoy being a mom and I want to share my journey with you guys.

Honestly, no one tagged me to do this but I am going to do this anyways because I think it is fun. Also, I am going to do a video here. I just wanted to blog this for you guys because it'smore detailed.

So let's start!

1. What is your baby's weight at birth and at two months?

He was born on June 2, 2016 and he weighted 2.4 kilograms when he was 2 months old, he was 5.5 kilograms and on his last visit on his pedia he was 7.6 kilograms. Maybe he's already around 8.5 klgs this month because he eats so much! hahahaha

2. How many new born diapers did you use? What size and what brand?

We used a lot of new born diapers because he poops a lot and eats a lot. I was just a lucky mom because Edmund's skin is not sensitive, he can even wear the cheapest diapers that you could ever find at the public markets. The brand that we used back then was called "Happy" and it was 150 for a pack of diapers with 24 pieces, size was new born.

After we finished the entire pack, we tried Pampers comfort (12s) and Pampers baby dry (which we used for a long time) but when we found out Lampein diapers, we tried and luckily it works perfectly, we haven't experienced any diaper leaks and some poop explosions but not so much. Not to mention the price of 310.75 in puregold for a pack with 59 pieces. 

3. How long did your baby stayed in new born clothes or 0-3 month sized clothes?

For the baby dresses I guess he just stayed for only 2 months because he gained so much weight. And just stayed for the baby dresses that I bought for 3 months.

4. What size is your diaper bag and what brand?

We're using the baby bag from Carter's and the smallest one that we can find. Although, I'm trying to find a new bag because he needs more stuff than ever and it doesn't fit in the bag anymore.

5. Did you use a swing?

No, I'm not familiar with a swing. None of my friends or the people I've known that used a swing for their baby.

6. Would you recommend buying a bouncy seat?

Not really, because my baby did not used one but I do recommend walker which is really popular here in the Philippines.

7. Would you recommend buying a bassinet or a pack and play?

I would recommend buying a bassinet because Edmund slept in a bassinet until he was 4 months and it was really helpful but for pack and play, I am not using it still so I could not recommend it still. 

8. Did your child use a soother and what brand?

If this question pertaining to a soother for babies who are in the stage of teething then we're not using it still. 

9. One must have item?

Teether. It's a must for me to keep your babies quiet specially if he's on the stage wherein he eats everything that he touches.

10. Any advice for breastfeeding/bottle feeding?

Eat a lot. Do not diet. It's for the good of your baby. 

I am an exclusive breastfeed mother and we save a lot of money. Because formula milk here in the Philippines is so expensive.

11. Item that you wouldn't have though you might be needing


There was one incident that we went to the house of Mico's (my partner) grand parents and Edmund cried his ass out. I do not know why but he just cried for an hour. And we never thought we will be needing manzanilla because his tummy became to ache (in tagalog kinabagan)

12. What worked to calm your baby down?

My baby is very calm. He only cried whenever he's hungry or sleepy. Maybe this question is for moms that is raising a toddler. 

13. What was your bedtime routine?

After our dinner, we changed Edmund's clothes because he's a messy eater. We wash his face and hands and my parents borrow him for some play time. While they are playing, I am busy washing my face, brushing my teeth, have a quick shower and prepare our bed. 

I trained Edmund that whenever we enter our room, we will sleep in 30 mins. As soon as he starts feeding, he immediately sleeps.

14. Your partner's (husband) and baby's hair and eye color?

Mico's eye color is dark brown and his hair color was black. Edmund's eyes were light brown and his hair was black as well. 

15. Any last advice?

Enjoy the journey. Be strong because having a baby is so stressful yet so fulfilling. For your partner, make sure that you, as a mother, you is strong enough to be independent- find a job, so if ever your partner leave you, you can still raise your baby. Be wise.

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