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By Mhownai - July 19, 2016

I've been trying a lot of picture editing application but I haven't enjoyed all of them (well, except for my VSCO which is my holygrail) other than that, I haven't enjoyed any picture editing application because either they look fake or they look shitty, tbh

Scrolling down my facebook timeline, I saw their facebook page and I tried to download it and edit a couple of pictures and I was impressed.

This app is called MakeUpPlus.

What I really like about this application is that it's user-friendly. I haven't had any problems downloading the app and using the application itself. When I opened the application for the first time, it led me to 3 options (camera, editor and tutorials), I took a picture and it led me to different options of a pre-made edited makeup.

Just like this, in this part, I chose 'funny'

So here's my original picture...

So immediately, it led to 4 different ready made makeup edits: Superstar, Natural, Pink Lady and Funny. I tried every options and honestly, it made me laugh especially when I tried 'Funny' HAHAHA! 

Here I tried the option 'Superstar' and adjusted the intensity. To compare with my original photo...

Left to right (Original photo, Superstar "Lena")

Next option that I chose was 'Natural' this doesn't look fake (in my own personal opinion) and I loved it.

Here, I chose NA1 as my 'make-up'. To compare with my original photo...

I lost all the haggardness happening in my face which is absolutely *uh-mazing*

Next in line is the option 'PinkLady'

In the options, the model looks like Korean so I guess, this one is for you to look Korean-ish. Here, I chose the option "PL7"

Last but definitely not the least, 'Funny'

HAHAHA! It's pretty much self explanatory. I chose 'Fun5'

If you chose 'edit' on the home page, this will lead you to your camera roll

And it will lead you to a page where you can edit your own picture from your foundation down to your lipstick. So here's my finish product

Here's my picks:

Foundation: 09 (Intensity: 78)
Lipstick: R05 (Intensity: 82)
Blush Style: 02; Color: Nude (Intensity::72)
Contour: Pear (Intensity: 69)
Eyebrows: 08 (Intensity: 85)
Eyeshadow: BR03 (Intensity: 70)
Eyeliner: L117 (Intensity: 100)
Mascara: Doll
Contacts: Violet

After this stage (actually every stage) it will lead you to the finish product and an option if you would like to share it on your social media

What I really like in this app is because you can be able to adjust the Intensity, so that it will look natural as much as possible especially on the eyebrows part. I also liked that there alot of shades of eyeshadows, blush, etc to chose from and also the eyebrows, there are wide variety of styles to choose from. The app is really user-friendly and I noticed when I used this, I didn't experience any hassle to use nor experience crashed application what-so-ever and what I really loved about this is its FREE! 

BTW, I am using an apple OS so I'm not really sure if it's available in Playstore.

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