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By Mhownai - February 12, 2016

One sweetest and the most affordable way to spend your Valentines's day with your love is to set-up a romantic date at your home. I bet no one wants to spend their precious hour hovering at the mall or waiting forever for that long line for a ticket in the movie and let's not go into restaurants because we all know it will be jump-packed for Valentines'

Popcorn: check Soda: check Comfy chair: Check but wait, have you already chose the movie you'll watch? Let me share you guys my favorite movies that you might haven't watch or want to watch again with your partner.


I must admit, I'm living under the rock because I just recently watched it through a friend of mine who gave me a copy. I honestly am not a fan of fiction stories or fiction movies because I just thought was "boring" but I words and my thoughts just ate me up when I watched this. I'm pretty sure most of us already watched this. 

Avatar is one of a heck a twisted love story but lets the viewers know that love has no boundaries. I'm just so happy that I watched this. I can't wait for the next part. I still want to include the trailer just because... 

2. 10 things I hate about you

This is one of the most classic movie I've ever watched. Most of the tumblr gifs that I used to retweet were from here. This is just so cliche though the lines we're just too powerful. Bad boy meets good girl doesn't hurt the eye and even if it has been a plot story of a lot of movies, 10 things I hate about you will still be my favorite. 

Here's a trailer for you to enjoy :)

3. Friends with benefits

Need to say more? This is just completely the over-all movie of all time, every time I watch this, I feel everything *haha* all heartaches, kilig, happiness and the "sana ako na lang" moments. Just the fact that Justin and Mila's chemistry is the cherry on top. 

Just sex doesn't work out is the moral lesson of this movie and no matter how hard you try, being friendzone will never be a great idea, one person in the relationship will surely fall. 

4. Taken Series

Let's go into some kind of action for your man. You might want to take consider your partner because it's Valentines and ofcourse, for all non-lady like babies out there *waves* this is on the top of my list every time I am being asked what movies should they watch for action.

I just cannot Liam Neeson was just the perfect man in this triology and is tactics are just so ugh.

5. Wedding Ringer

This is one of my most favorite comedy movies ever. The fact that Kevin Hart is here, surely anything will be hilarious! This is a type of movie that I would want to watch with my man because 1. there's no drama and 2. there's no love story I think those characteristics are the things your boyfriend would like to watch in a movie and I know most of the girls doesn't like action or thriller or whatever. 

You may consider watching this.

6. IP Man

Another action movie everyone. Aside from Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee this man (whose name I don't know) is on my list for the best martial artist ever! I enjoyed watching this because the "IP Man" was just so cool and not the type of "beast mode" type of artist. I just enjoy watching this.I guess this is not a comedy type of movie because seriously nothing was funny it's just I am laughing in some parts and all in all, I just loved it. 

7. She's the man

Okay, back to love stories. This is also on the top of my classic love story movies. I just enjoy the boy meets girl in a non-expected time. Amanda Bynes was just the perfect role for this and Channing Tatum was just simple hot. Need to say more? Watch the movie and you'll know. 

Those are the only movies in my list. I do hope I enlightened you in some way *hahaha* have yourself a lovely Valentines day loves! xo

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