Graduation Series Volume 1: Awesome Getaway

By Mhownai - February 28, 2016

*insert graduation march hymn* This is it! With heavy nights of turmoil finally, it was paid off and finally we're there! I know graduation was really happy yet, I know it's sad at the same time because you and your best of friends will go on your separate ways- you'll either go to corporate world, do and open your own business or go PMI (Pahinga Muna Inay- ha ha ha ha!) so before you go on your own separate ways, I want to share you few tips to make your graduation month worth while starting with the number 1: plan your perfect getaway!

1. Where to go?

Beach will be my number 1 go-to place, resorts will be the second on my list but it actually depends on where and when will you celebrate your outing- and no doubt usually, it'll be a summer outing and usually it'll be a swimming trip.

Trekking is also a way to bond, it is one of the most-in getaways this past few months. I haven't tried it though but I know it's healthy and worth a while.

Picking up for your perfect get-away with your barkada is such a quite challenge because mostly we do have different ideas and taste but alcohol and foods will always be the highlight right? *winks winks*

I have a good news for you though, since I'm currently working with DLC Enterprises, they've given
me a 10% discount so that you too, my lovely readers can enjoy having an outing worth while. Just go to their website- here and don't forget to use my discount code: MHOW so you can enjoy 10% discount. Haven't I mention that we have a giveaway running? Check it out and join- link here Raffle draw is until: April 24th. Don't forget to join, winner will have a Solo Backpacker Travel Deal in anywhere around Asia!

2. Batch or Class Shirts is a must

One last souvenir before we separate our ways. I bet a lot of your class presidents are already finding for a perfect designs and where which shop will they let them print your shirts for you.

I did my best to find a reliable clothing printing stores for you guys and found out a newly opened shop that have the most amazing designsand with really affordable price: Stamp Gallery will be the best one for you

From batch shirts, to couple shirts down to do your own designs, Stamp Gallery will help you with you never-ending printing orders. They do accept bulk orders and the owners of the shop was really nice and eager to answer all of your questions.

Check them out guys. :) 

3. Capture each moments

Last shot being together, every single day so why not capture the moments. I really enjoy this back then and make a video montage afterwards. When you look back, I assure you, you'll laugh your asses of! 

And lastly, enjoy! 

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