Best of January 2016

By Mhownai - February 02, 2016

I just couldn't believe that January was over. Everything went really fast. I just couldn't believe it. Technically, as I'm writing this, it's already Febuary, I guess it's time for my Best of January.

On top of my list will be the best book that I've read made by a Filipino writer- Before I do

This is a must-read book for everyone! You must get this, read this and fall in love with this. If only I have time, I will re-read this, just not now I'm just too busy but I will surely re-read this. You can ready my review regarding this book- here

Kath, the author, she made an album with one full chapter of the book because she's awesome! I just have to share it with you guys to give you an idea how does it feel reading this. I know you'll crave for more. Trust me, I know. Read the full chapter 1 here:

Makeup wise, I really didn't have so much time for all this "makeup" thing but will never fail you guys, of course, I did have some favorites for this month. I just don't have tons. 

1. Color Collection Hydracare Pressed Powder with SPF 15 (Shade: Light)

I've always been a baby powder lover since day one, I always use baby powder whenever I do touch-ups or whatevs but this little baby changed my view for pressed powder. What I really love about this is it doesn't give me breakouts. Before, I used alot of pressed powders and foundations but most of them give me breakouts or the scent is giving me "lola" smell which of course, I personally don't want. Not that I don't love my lola but the scent was just too strong. I just cannot.

I really love how it helps my face stay matte for a long time and it doesn't cake in my face and sometimes I do have patches in my face, I love how this baby doesn't make it worse, it kind of helps my face be moisturize or whatsoever- because I'm not using any moisturizer in my face and this is the only thing that I use aside from "safeguard" acting as my facial cleanser.

The mirror was good size and the sponge is like a typical sponge but it doesn't have a strong scent (yung amoy na galing sa factory, mga ganon) and the product itself is no scent at all and let's accept the fact that this does have a SPF15 is absolutely THE BOMB!

2. Nivea anti-perspirant extra whitening deodorant

I've always been a Nivea lover since I'm in highschool. I've always loved their lotions and their deodorants, I've tried several from their roll-ons to their spray deodorants. But I've been loving this spray deodorant recently, my mom bought me this because I was about to go home at Fairview and I left all my toiletries, good thing she's at the mall that time and she got me this and from that time, I haven't stopped using this. 

I also love the size, it's not that small nor big which fits perfectly in my bag for some go-to freshness and unexpected overnights. 

3. Colour Collection Lip Therapy with Argan Oil

The first time that Tupperware sent me those, I thought that this is a some kind of lipstick, but when I saw that the color of this baby is absolutely nothing, I thought that this is a magic lipstick *laughs* so I started reading the label and I fell in love with this.

Benefits of Argan Oil:
  • Deeply conditions skin and heals dry and chappy lips
  • Prevents premature aging by minimizing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Maintains your skin's elasticity, keeping it firm and fresh-looking
  • Provides an effective barrier against free radicals and UV rays
I always use it at night before I go to sleep or at the morning after I work. Yes, because I'm working at night and usually I go out after work at the afternoon so I really thank this for helping my lips hydrated and free from UV rays.

4. Colour Collection Pure Natural (Shade: Peach Crush)

You know guys how I love red lipsticks and this baby proved me that I can wear light shades as well. I love how girly this shade is, this is the typical lipstick that you can you everyday at any occasion. 

This looks too dark or too pink when I first saw this, but when I glide this on my lips, it looks coral-ly for me and I love some coral now-a-days. The thing is it doesn't hydrate my lips or something which is understandable because it is matte. So I pair this baby with my lip therapy and it's not that bad for my lips. 

I told you loves, I didn't have much but I hope I give you some ideas and things to try out. so what's your January favorites?

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