Arthur Solinap and Rochelle Pangilinan's Wedding Proposal

By Mhownai - February 23, 2016

Engagements and wedding videos are one of the my most watched videos in youtube and not gonna lie, I'm such a cry baby whenever I watch this type of videos. Sometimes, when Mico catch me watching and I'm already crying, he always tease me "Nababaliw ka nanaman" Hays! Boys will be boys!

Anyways, 2 days ago when I watched this lovely proposal courtesy of Nice Print Photography. I was really surprised and felt really kilig when I watched the entire video. Who would have thought that men like Arthur Solinap is still existing? They have been dating for almost 7 years and they can be considered as one of the most "silent" couples in the industry.

I watched Rochelle and idolize her for being such a great dancer and up until now, no doubt, she's still one of the finest in the industry. From being a sexbomb dancer to Daisy Siete to a lot of Telenovelas and now, being the most talented dancer in the industry.

What I really liked about this proposal how Arthur document every single moment, gym videos just saying how he felt, how nervous and how excited he is,as a video blogger I must say, not all men can hold the camera and talk by themselves because I know, sometimes, you look so stupid specially when people looking at you and probably they're thinking you're so vain but to be honest, that's how video blogging works. *haha*

I was really touched when I saw a clip showing that Arthur asked the blessing of Rochelle's father even though he's not physically here anymore. That's the most important thing for me- to honor the parent's of both parties.

Let's talk about the venue, the place of the proposal was really perfect. There's no extravagant acts, but it was really prepared and well thought of proposal. You can see it through their eyes and when Arthur knelt down in one knee, I felt like I'm Rochelle that time (not gonna lie) I also cried.

I just can't wait their wedding video. Kudos to Nice Print Photography! Very simple video yet really special and really sweet and also, to the lovely couples, I know you may not read my blog but I'm just happy for the new milestone in your life! Continue showing that true love indeed waits. Patiently! Congratulations Rochelle and Arthur! 

Watch their wedding proposal video here:

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