By Mhownai - January 19, 2016

I haven't been into games before not until now. Normally, I only use my cellphone for reading, selfies (of course), update my social media and the basics (texting and calling) that's all but since they're a lot of things happened in my life recently. I need to do sorts of things- for entertainment. Reading books and trying to upgrade- playing games.

My internet hasn't been stable since I moved so I'm not using my router because it'll just slows down the internet even more.So what I did is download all the possible games that I would like and luckily, I just didn't liked them, I am OBSESSED with them. So I just wanted to share with you my addiction,maybe you can try them and let's be obsessed together. *grin*

1. Neko Atsume

 This should be the number one on my list because I just can't get enough of this. I will not explain this because I know that alot of people already downloaded this baby. I started playing this since January 1st and I've been addicted to this beybeh! Haven't you guys experienced waking up in 3AM to check if you have kitty visitors? Well, I do.

 I just expanded my yard yesterday and bought additional toys (hammock, yarn ball thingy and the other one infront of the condo) YEHES!


I know I know, where have I been. I just downloaded this last January 1st together with Neko Atsume and the other applications. I already finished 30 levels but unfortunately, I need to download the next level. I just need to download to make my obsession with this game again. hahaha! So for now, I'm setting this aside.


Well, this is my first time trying this game. The whole idea is same as the Diner Dash but more complicated. You have to cook the dishes and God! It was so stressful and it's just too complicated for me- I like it. I just can't get enough of this.

What are your favorite games in your phone? Let me know, I'll try to download it.

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