#YouBlogYou Volume 3

By Mhownai - December 19, 2015

Can't believe that it's already Volume 3 and one week from Christmas and only few weeks away from New Year! I just can't believe that everything has gone so fast. Let's go with the questions.

1. How do you classify your blog? In what category does it fall in?

I classify my blog as a lifestyle blog- I post mainly about everything but when I first tried to create my blog I wanted to create a fashion, beauty blog but for me, it's too expensive and hard to maintain that's why I turned into a lifestyle blog. I don't have budget for that. 

2. What is the title of your blog? Share with us too what's the story behind it.

Not your ordinary girl by Mhow, I chose this title because in my own opinion, I'm not an ordinary 19 year old girl. Every person that I've known for years always say that I'm to mature for my age. I guess that's true that's why I thought of that title for my blog. 

3. How did you come up with the design of your blog? Tell us if it's a free/purchased template someone you know made it for you. 

My blog template is a free template from Themexpose, I just added little bit of Mhow's touch and edited the codes. I wanted to purchase a theme tbh but I ain't got a money for that.

4. If you own a domain, where did your purchase it? If you don't have one yet, what's preventing you from getting one?

I don't own a domain yet because I don't think that I deserve one yet. I still have few views and I'm still not contented with  my blog yet. Once I'm already contented (the content, the design and the numbers) that's the time I will have my own domain.

5. Where do you host your blog? Which platform? (Blogpost, Wordpress, Tumblr, etc.) Are you planning to move to another platform/host? Why or why not?

I'm hosting my blog on Blogspot because first of all, I'm still learning and I don't know anything about hosting and all that and second, I don't have the money to support the hosting site if there's one.

6. How often do you check your blog statistics? 

I check my blog post every single day in that way, I'll be mote inspire to write not to have viewers but to enjoy what I'm doing and to see if this will bring me elsewhere. *rolf*

7. Do you think having a good and fast-loading affects the traffic of your site?

Yes, because in my own experience, I don't want to read a blog that loads to slow. It's really boring for me so that affects the numbers of the blog so much. 

8. Do you use other sites, software or apps to schedule and post your blog posts? If yes, care to share it with us?

Not really, I'm more into a traditional scheduling- my planner. 

9. How do you think you earn blog posts, comments or blog shares?

Well, I post everything in my facebook, twitter and different facebook groups for bloggers. I don't have so much comments and views for my blogs though. I started being active here last August 2015. 

10. Aside from activities mentioned above (blogpost sharing, comments), what other efforts can help increase a blog's statistics?

Well, based on my previous blog's experiences, I write what I'm interested in, what people would want to read. If you're a personal blogger or if you want to make it like your own diary thingy, give it a twist, make it more interesting. No one wants to read all your drama and problems right? I mean make it versatile- make it your travel blog or something. Think outside the box. 

11. Check your blog statistics and tell us either what you think helped you attain that number of views or what do you think you could have done to increase it?

Well, by far, I'm contented with what I'm enjoying my few readers. I just do hope that they will become my friends and that we will make collaborations. Hopefully!

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