Wi-Tribe CSR needs improvement

By Mhownai - December 13, 2015

*photo credits from www.wi-tribe.ph*

This is what my modem looks like, if I am not mistaken I bought this prepaid modem about a year ago and don't actually have any problems using this. In fact, I actually love this! I bring it with me anywhere. I prefer using this than the internet thingy stick that they are also offering me. This is perfect for me.

but for some reason, last November 2, I was about to pay 550 php for another 15 days for the internet speed of 2 mbps I usually pay it through Cebuana but they told me they cannot actually process any payment, so I moved to another Cebuana branch nearby, still, they cannot process the payment. So I went to the building beside St. Peter, Commonwealth where I bought this modem. They gave me a free prepaid because they told me that there's a system updates for the prepaid services.

I was using the free service for about 2 months now and I haven't had any problems. It just so happen this December the free prepaid has expired- so I tried texting the number that the representative gave to me (the number starts with '0922') they told me that if ever I have questions or what-not feel free to contact that number. Of course, I just do what they told me to do I waited for a couple of hours, still, I don't have any internet access. So I tried to call their hotline, luckily, the gentleman that I spoke with was so knowledgeable with what he's doing for 3 hours or so, the internet finally came in- thank God!


Yesterday, I had problems with my internet, my modem is just restarting all over again and when I tried to ping it through comman prompt, I'm receiving error messages like "unreachable host", "general failure" and "request timeout" I was really pissed because I have tons of stuff needed to accomplish yesterday.

So I tried calling their hotline and I spoke with a lady and told me that I need to be with my modem to do the basic trouble shooting but the fact that I'm using a payphone, that cannot be right? So she asked me what are the basic trouble shooting that I did so far, I told her that I tried to unplug-replug the hardwire. I tried to enable-disable the internet through control panel. I told her that I also tried restarting the entire modem. I asked her information about the basic troubleshooting- she exactly said the same thing that I said she just added to transfer the hard wires maybe that will work. I am asking her to just refresh the signal for my internet she said she needs to check the modem if its working or not- that I am not impressed.

She just gave me another option to text again their number (starts with '0922') I told her I tried to bombard the number with texts one time but I haven't received anything in reply, she asked me the format of what I said "TRIBE ASK ACCNT # MESSAGE" She told me that's not the right format because that's for a system generated thingy. So she game me the format TRIBE ASK MAC/CONCERN COMPLETE ADDRESS OF YOUR CURRENT LOCATION Best time to call and send to the same number. She promised that a representative will call me to help me with my problem

So I bombard again this number until 12:51 AM, still, no representative or even a confirmation message ping me through my phone. I was like WTH! So I tried to call their hotline again at 10 PM


The IVR told the business hours is from Monday to Sunday from 7 AM (not sure, probably 9 AM) until midnight. So I was like okay, then the call was disconnected! CALL AVOIDANCE? I was calling at aroung 10:50, I still have more than and hour before midnight! I'm so so so disappointed.

I just would like to stress the information that the representative told me, about the system genarated. If that's a system generated I should receive like a confirmation message or something right? Not just wait in vain and the live chat doesn't even work for crying out loud.

I'm just so upset. That's all

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