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By Mhownai - December 11, 2015

As far as I can remember, the last time I made this kind of post was last 2014? If you want to watch, what's inside my bag- link's here Well, the thing is, I cannot actually believe that a year has gone by just like that. Everything was indeed fast pacing.

What's inside my bag is one of my most favorite subject to read and to watch whether it's on youtube or written in a blog- idk, I'm just a nosy person. Since this is one of my most favorite subject to talk about, might as well make my own for my fellow nosy people!


Parisian| roughly 500? idk

Bought this lovely purse back when I first started working so that's gonna be ages ago. Really? -_- hahaha! It's 2014. This is one of my most favorite bag ever. It's really simple and there's a lot to fit inside. The fact that even if it is full of stuff, it still doesn't bulge- much. not to mention, the color it self- navy blue with gold accent. 

The only thing I didn't like about this- the gold is now tarnishing. Let's just say it's been a year and this bag is about to retire. Lols! 

My bag does have 3 compartments: front pocket, the main zipper and the back part with a zipper on the back portion

Let's start with the first part- the pocket, here's the over view of what's inside

I'm laughing my ass off when I saw the contents inside. I just want to redeem myself, it's been ages since the last time I tried to clean my bag. I'm a busy person okay! Hahaha! Here's what inside

From left to right: receipts of some sort and some medical certificates, id protector, starbucks career opportunity card, tons of coins, a 20 peso bill, junk (medicine foil, wrapper and an aluminum foil) and a lonely mentos candy

Receipts- I was seek last week so I decided to see my doctor to have my proper medications and stuff like that so those are those- I also have a ticket there (the yellow thingy) it's like a raffle ticket for my company's christmas party I kept as a remembrance because I will not go to the party

ID Protector- got that from National Bookstore for less than 50 pesos, I don't like pink actually but I don't have a choice, I need a protector for my id that time. 

Starbucks Thingy- I'm helping my friend to have a part time job because he actually needs a job to support him while studying, so I suggested starbucks because I've heard, their compensation for part timers are good. 

Coins- although I have a coin purse, I still have coins that are floating around my bag, don't tell me that you don't have. We're all humams! 

20 peso bill- I decided to buy a green mango on my way home earlier, I haven't had a chance to pull my wallet out of my bag, I just wanted to be safe. Everybody do that right?

Junk- should I need to explain myself? Guess not. Let's move on!

A lonely mentos- I thought I already consumed my favorite mentos flavor- spearmint? Idk it by heart, but it's white with green thingy, its sweet and minty

Moving on to the main compartment, here's the over view of what's inside...

and here are the contents

From left to right: Wallet, coin purse, alcohol, junk, pencil case, memo pad, random earring, posts it, noteboook, make up kit, brush

Wallet- I just purchase this gigantic wallet months ago from a Sophie dealer, I didn't like this wallet because it's too big, but I need to work it out and finally learned to love it because my cellphone fits perfectly here. 

Coin purse- my boyfriend got this for me probably 2 years ago? I just really love using this because of the color. 

Junk- again just because

Pencil case- I'm still a kinder garden by heart. I enjoy having a lot of ballpens, it's like my therapy and I'm trying to organize my planner for 2016- stay tuned for that loves. 

Memo pad- this was purchased since I was still studying, it was probably in 2013? I just don't use it often, until now, I learned to organize and I think I'm getting productive whenever I try to jot down things. 

Random earring- this lonely earring was bought from forever 21, I don't know where's the other pair, I'm wearing it for my second pierce in my right ear.

Posts it- like I have said I'm trying to be more organized in my life now I'm getting older, I really love jotting down things. Posts its are one way for me to remember things, I use it in my notebook, trying to take note of important things I need to accomplish and throw it afterwards. 

Notebook- this is mah life. All the things are taken down here, my budget, needs and things I needed to blog, ideas for my youtube, esp. for this blog are taken down in this little guy here. 

Make-up kit- I purchased this brown from Daiso for only 88 php, I really love this because it is so spacious, I have tons of things inside. If you wanted to see what's inside my make up kit, let me know in the comments down below. 

Brush- this is my favorite brush as of the moment, I purchased this last month at Ever Gotesco Department Store for 159 php. I know it's quite expensive but that's okay. Its worth it.What I love about this brush is the bristles is so smooth and there's a built in mirror at the back. 

Last part? The back part here's the over view of what's inside...

and here are the contents (this is the most boring part of my purse trust me)

See? From left to right: baby powder, favorite cologne, ear phone, trash and a random cotton

Powder- This is my go-to retouch friend, Johnson's baby powder, I don't use a lot of makeup especially in daily basis, I can go out without even wearing anything in my face, I am fine with that. So powder is my bestfriend, for quick touch ups for me to be refreshed. 

Cologne- This is my favorite scent- powder mist from Johnson's. Why? Because the smell is so baby-like, so simple and clean. 

Earphones that I'm not using- just because...

Junk and a random cotton- I don't have any idea how those ended inside. Honestly!

Well, that's what inside my bag, share yours! Let me see what's inside *evil laugh* lols! Thank you so much for reading!

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