Clara Ole Carbonara Pasta Sauce | REVIEW

By Mhownai - December 15, 2015

I recently posted a blog about my cravings for carbonara, it's my own take about making carbonara on a tight budget you may check it out on this link. I promised to make a review about this. 

As I have said, this is my first time trying a pre-made sauce for Carbonara I usually make it with heavy cream but since I'm on tight budget, I know that this is a best way for me to make a review about this. 

I don't actually know why but there's an instruction saying that you should dip it into the hot water. That's kind of weird for me but I actually followed the instruction time frame was 15-20.Upon cooking the carbonara I tasted the raw pasta sauce- I always do this even in tomato sauces. The taste was a little bit garlic-y and creamy taste.

All in all I really love Carbonara and this pasta sauce give this a new twist. So far, there's not bad thing about this because who doesn't love food right?

For only 28.95 php, you we're able to have a delicious carbonara sause for 3-4 persons which in my own personal and humble opinion is a really great deal. 

Try it, it's really affordable and I highly recommend this pasta to everyone who has a big heart for pasta like me. You'll enjoy this. Promise

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