Carbonara on a tight budget

By Mhownai - December 15, 2015

Yesterday, I had craving for Carbonara. To be honest, I am a pasta lover. I can eat pasta for a year without complaining, my most favorite is carbonara. So I was wondering yesterday how to have a scrumptious carbonara on budget. My only budget for my carbonara is less than 100.

I went to the nearest grocery store to have the stuff that I needed. I will share you my own take how to make carbonara on a tight budget. When I say tight- I really mean TIGHT. Trust me, I was surprised to the things that I bought.


  • Pasta
I'm using fiesta pasta here, I have the 1kg on stock and I just used the remaining that's left. It's only around 50 php the last time I purchased this on my nearest sari-sari store.
  • Bacon, Ham or Tuna (whatever works for you)
Usually I go for Century Tuna- Flakes in oil whenever I'm in a tight budget because that's one of the most affordable protein source in the market but on that specific day, I wanted to have ham. So I went to the frozen section and surprisingly found this MOST affordable bacon that I've ever seen. 

note: I'm sorry for the bad quality photos, its already dinner time when I am taking pictures of it and I don't have a nice light source. 

I found this King Sue Mini Honey Bacon packet and I was completely blown out when I found out the price, its only 52 php. 

It contain 3 lovely slices of bacon which works enough for me because one big pack of bacon was just a waste of money for me because I cannot actually store them for next meal because I don't have refrigerator as of the moment. It's a really great idea for people who're craving with bacon not to mention the price- really expensive. I sliced bacon into small pieces

  • 2 eggs yolks
I don't know for some reason when I'm looking affordable and cheap carbonara recipes, all of them have eggs yolks so I followed the instruction

It's only 6 php on your local sari-sari store. the first egg's yolk was already cracked. My bad!

  • Carbonara sauce
It's really my first time to make carbonara on a pre-made sauce so that's why I'm wondering why on earth there is a yolk there but meh, I'm craving so let's get it on. Here's the star of the show...

There's a instruction on the back to dip it into warm water for 15-20 mins before using so I followed the instruction.

Clara Ole Carbonara Pasta Sauce- surprisingly, the price is so affordable it's only 28.95 php. Watch my review for this pasta sauce. The key for the perfect cooked bacon is to keep mixing


The first thing that I did was cook the bacon into low heat. I'm using electric cooker so I'm trying to cook it first in a high heat then turn it into low heat when the bacon already caramelized

Afterwards, I put the pre made sauce while the the heat was low followed by the yolk then salt and pepper to taste. 


To sum it all up, I only had less than 100 php for this carbonara and one pack of clara ole's carbonara sauce- 200g will make 3-4 servings which is really affordable. I heard there is also a pasta merienda pack from Del Monte which is also affordable, I'm not sure though. If you will add that, it's roughly around 150 php and good for 3-4 service. Not bad. 

King Sue's bacon was really smokey and kind of salty and sweet. Balanced!

I didn't add cheese though because like I have said, I don't have refrigerator to store it in and also I don't have cheese grater. But you can actually add it depending on your taste. 

Check out the review about clara ole link's here

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