Best of my 2015

By Mhownai - January 01, 2016

I couldn't believe how my 2015 had gone by so fast and I can say that it's indeed a roller coaster ride. There are so many ups and downs that happened this year. Looking back, I realized how stronger and wiser I've become with all the challenges that I faced this year. To end my 2015 posts, I want to share with you the best of my 2015


Food will always be on my number 1 list. 2015 have been one of my most adventurous year, since I am starting to be more independent, I tried cooking different dishes, I even tried to follow instructions from different cook books and recipes online but somehow, it didn't work out for some reason.

This year, we (my partner and I) got addicted to toasted siopao, mini stop's siomai with rice and their rice toppings. Pizza will always be our favorite- any brands, any price. Whether it's expensive or not. Frozen or Fresh from the oven, we don't care. If it's pizza we will eat that. *lols*


I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried out different hairstyles. First in the line is my red hair which I absolutely loved, This is the first time that I tried to have a bolder hair color (aside from having a bleached hair last 2012) this is by far one of the boldest hair color I ever wore and I absolutely loved it.

I tried several hairstyles that will work with my medium lengthened hair like making a semi-messy bun which I really loved.

And the most recent one with is one of the bravest things that I've ever done is trying pixie hair, I liked it though but I don't think I will ever try it again. It's just that, it's hard to maintain a short hair.


Friends will always be on my list, I'm just so happy with all the people that I've met this year, those people who actually stayed. I'm really thankful for all these sleepovers, heart to heart talks. Thank you for always having our backs guys, I know that 2015 will always be our toughest year yet, I'm still thankful that you stayed and supported me and Mico. 

To the girlfriend club, I'm just blessed that I met awesome people like you, you closed my 2015 with the most amazing stories with the best laughter ever! I just do hope that you're relationship with the members of our tropa grow stronger. Para may kasama naman ako sa galaan, di lang ako only girl *haha*


2015's summer will always be the most memorable one, I will always remember winning the most facebook likes for our summer bikini open. I know I know I'm not skinny nor sexy, I don't even have boobs. I just wanted to clarify that I'm the last option so please don't judge! hahaha. I'm just happy for the winners and contestants, we're all winners at that moment. I'm just sad to leave this company for some reason but I'm glad with all the lessons that I learned throughout my stay in this company. 

Celebrating my 19th birthday

I'm not really fond of celebrating my birthdays because I just feel like it's a normal day for me because I need to go to work, ya di ya and for whatever reason I just don't feel like celebrating it at all but Mico insisted to have our mini dates or whatever- to remember that it's my special day. 

We celebrated it at Fairview Terraces, Mico got me a bag from Trunkshow, we ate at Pancake House. It was the best day ever! I'm just blessed to have someone like him. 


2015 has been hell of fun! I'm just blessed to have the most amazing person in the world. It was a roller coaster ride, we had immature fights that lead to bigger fights. Thank you for all the lessons that you taught me, for all the memories that we shared. 2015 hasn't been smooth for us but still, thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in whatever way you can.

This year, he gave his first ever-ever flowers. In a pot! Mico wasn't the romantic-materialistic type of guy because he's always fond of making me laugh and teasing so when he gave me flowers, my heart just melted. 

In this year also, we bought our promise ring. It as romantic. 

As we wrap 2015, we will leave this year with nothing but happiness and lessons. Let's be more wiser with our decisions, let's be rich. I know we can make it! Let's be happy! 

2015 for me was very very challenging yet, I'm thankful to be surrounded with the most awesome people in the world. I became wiser and stronger each day. Thank you for all the tears, the laughter and lessons. 

I wish that everyone had a happy happy new year and may this year be filled with nothing but happiness and success. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!

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