HASHT5: Stalking to their site

By Mhownai - October 25, 2015

Hasht5 have been a trending sensation for quite sometime now. If I'm not mistaken, they became "known" for Senyora Santibanez's tweet about this group last Sept 30- as she first tweeted about them

I was really enjoying reading people's comments when they became trending overnight. I then started reading about different tweets and looking for their facebook page. It was really funny but I also feel bad for them at the same time. Netizens bashed them by their physical appearance and was even alleged them to be thieves because let's be honest guys, they're not the most handsome creature in the world.

I was just observing the growth of their career as they have been a guest to Lloyd Cadena's recent youtube video. As a Lloyd Cadena viewer, I watched the said video and surprised by how this kids react and respond to the questions in Lloyd Cadena series: Itanong Mo - link here

"Damihan niyo pa, gawin niyo kami ng isang milyon ano ba yan! Ang tagal!"

"Di naman nagsisi yung mga magulang namin. Kung nagsisi ang magulang ko, baka mas nagsisi yung magulang niya."

"Salamat po sa nang bash at sumikat po kami"

"Maraming salamat po at more power po samin"

What decided me to post this is because I was really pissed off by this group because of their comments in one of the new boyband- Ain't 5ive. Yes, another "boy band" was trying their luck to the internet world.

So I checked their page- yes! I stalked to their page and look at their comments.

It was really funny because these kids consider themselves as famous- well, is it because of their 150,000+ people likes their page? It was indeed really amazing having tons of likes in less than 1 month. But I guess, they should have just keep their mouth shut and be humble for their success and focus on catering their talents. Why? Because we live in the world where people with no talents became famous so we, viewers wants someone who actually have talent they might not be good looking but if their talent is extraordinary I guess, people will soon embrace them and accept them and might even fight for them. Because if they will continue doing how they act- being pa-famous and being boastful in what they have and how they react to bashers, HOW WILL THEY BE ABLE TO GAIN FANS?

Peace of advice Marlou, don't be boastful. You are not yet famous- you might have likers or whatever but some of them just consider you as a laughing stock. 

Hasht5, prove them wrong. Prove me wrong.

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