Cebuana Lhuillier's Friendly Guard

By Mhownai - October 10, 2015

Since this incident happen, I was thinking if I should upload and share this with you all guys, because of some reason, one reason is maybe you will think that I'm a shallow person and this is a nonsense post. Two, the person involved might lost a job or whatever might happen to him but you know what? I know that this things are happening around, to all people especially girls of all ages and this is not funny tbh 

Well, this incident happened on September 29, 2015 at Cebuana Lhuillier Old Balara, Commonwealth Branch (beside Puregold) I was supposed to claim the money that my mom sent me that day, since that was my first time remitting I don't have an ID because I thought that since you have the reference number, they should've give that to you- I was wrong... When I entered Cebuana, this guard immediately greeted me with enthusiasm, I don't mind because I know that he always see me there every 15th and 30th to pay my internet bill, so I his face is familiar to me, he accompanied me to the counter where you write the information, I immediately asked him if do I need an ID, he said "Yes m'am, kelangan mo ng ID." Since I don't have an ID, I went home to get one. I asked him if I can leave the number and the paper with all of my information (and my cellphone number) he said okay, I even heard him say "Ma'am kunin ko number mo ha?" I thought he was kidding- I didn't replied though. So to cut the long story short, I was able to go back, got the money and pay my dues. 

After some time (an hour or so..) an unknown number called me... I then know that this is the guard. How? Because I heard him crack a joke and no one knows my number aside from my close friends, family members and my boyfriend. 

I immediately texted him and no surprise, he replied immediately. No wonder, I bet, he's waiting for my text since he missed call my phone.Below is the screenshot of our conversation.

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That was really unprofessional in my point of view because I know that their job description is to be approachable, friendly and hospitable (in a way) but not to the point that they will get their customer's number and text it just because you want to be "F R I E N D S" I think that's not really necessary. I didn't even had the chance to get the name of the guard because I don't really have any personal interest for him.

I will never go back to that creepy branch ever again, I don't care if I will waste 8 pesos for the jeepney fare to go to Cebuana Ever Gotesco, I don't care, it was just so creepy and so unprofessional.

I do hope that this incident will never happen again.

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