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By Mhownai - September 05, 2015

I know we ladies supposed to be the queen, we are supposed to be worshiped and be the "baby" in the relationship. Well guess what girls? Just because we're girls doesn't mean that we are supposed to be all about us. Relationship yan eh, dapat equal.

I know a lot of us ladies out there doesn't want our boyfriends to play dota. I know, I've been there but one thing that I've learned is nothing to worry about, DOTA is just DOTA. My boyfriend plays DOTA alot but I don't mind it. Why? Because we compensate, he can play 24/7 but he needs to reply from time to time in my texts. You can do this with your guy and guys out there, be sensitive, once your playind dota. Don't forget that you have a girlfriend that's waiting for your reply. 

Mabuti ngang naglalaro na lang siya ng dota kesa mambabae pa yan.

One thing that I can suggest girls is you can study how to play dota. Right? I've been doing that for a really long time so that's why I understand now what it feels like to play DOTA. The rage is real guys!

Personally I'm just like this, there are those time that I'm a bit dramatic and I really don't want my boyfriend to be with his friends. Well, one thing that I've learned all the way is learning to be friends with his tropa. Well, they're not so bad after all. I've learned to be one of them. I know he's really grateful for that.  

Girls, let's be honest, you need to give your man a "me" time. He also needs a time for his friends you know. Boys night out and guys, if ever you let your boyfriend be with his friends please don't call him from time to time. Let him enjoy!

Kung yung nanay nga niya pinapayagan siyang sumama sa tropa niya, ikaw hindi?

I salute those guys out there who still open the door for their ladies, to those guys who offers chairs and to those guys who offers to carry their ladies bags or extra stuff. You know what, one thing that I've got from my mom is that, she never ever let my dad carry her purse. Why? because she told me that she can do it herself so why she will let my dad carry it for her. I agree to her opinion. You can just let your boyfriend carry your extra stuff but please, not your main purse. 

Parang ang panget kasi tignan yung boyfriend mo, tiga-bitbit ng bag mo. Pwede mo namang bitbitin, 

Girls, I know that effort means a lot to us but mind you ladies, not all guys can be do the things that others can, like those that you can see online. Surprises and stuff. Pictures and stuff. But guys, it is really nice if you can let your girl experience those frustrations. 

I understand the fact that we get lonely sometimes whenever your boyfriend doesn't text you back. Please do understand that not all the time, your boyfriend's life revolves around you. He does have family, friends, studies and social life to balance. Work with it girl! 

Adjust adjusted din girl.

Just because you're a girl doesn't mean that he should always say sorry whenever you have a fight, just because you're a girl doesn't mean that he should adjust. Just because you're a girl doesn't mean that you will do the things taht you are supposed to be doing- do your part in other words because if your man had enough of your drama. You'll be sorry. 

Goodluck! xoxo

This is just based on my own opinions, I don't intend to offend anybody, if so, I apologize in advance. 

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