Avon Naturals Face Care Purifying Cleanser | First Impression

By Mhownai - September 19, 2015

I wanted to share with you about this amazing product that I've tried ever since I started to use facial products. When I was in highschool until I was in college, I suffered with acne (maybe because of adolescence, IDK) but it's really hard to treat acne when you are in a tight budget right? So I tried organic- if you wanted to know how I treat my acne,  just let me know and I will create a vlog for you guys in my youtube channel.

I recently placed an order at one of the dealers and got it last September 9. Honestly, I had a hard time to got this product because its always sold out- I got this on sale actually, I don't know exactly how much is the original price but I got this at 109 pesos.

I got Avon Naturals face care purifying cleanser for fresh and clear skin. This product claims that this will immediately reduce shiny and oily skin appearance- I got the scent Green Tea and Tea Tree Oil.

Exactly September 9 when I got this product and immediately when I got home, I tried this product and I was completely blown out! It was worth the wait. I really loved the smell of the product, not to strong, not to sweet, it was just right.

I love the exfoliating beads in the product and the green beads included- that should be the great tea there. The first time I tried this product, that is really amazing, It's not hard to rinse it off my face and once I pat my face with a clean towel, I was completely amazed, I felt a tight thing in my face with a moisturizing effect and take note: THE SCENT THAT WAS LEFT IN MY FACE WAS REALLY GOOD!

When I tried this on September 9, I have a big pimple in my face (right down the lip area), it does not show on the picture because it's one of the pimples that does not have a thing inside where-in you could pop it, it doesn't have anything inside, but it hurts like hell.

September 11, 3 days later, I was really amazed that the pimple in that area was dried. The pain was gone. My boyfriend also loved the product and told me that my face is starting to clear out because I have small pimples in my face and he loves the smell of my face afterwards. 

For my thoughts right now in the products, I'm really excited about the upcoming effects in my face because it's starting to show, What the product claims is really working in my face. I'm blown out. I've got to say, it's 5 out of 5- as of now. I've been using this for one week WITHOUT any toner or moisturizer or anything in  my face but right now, as I'm writing this, I'm currently trying this WITH a TONER. 

I'm recommending this to people that has an acne prone, oily skin like me if you would like to purchase this, you can go to your nearest Avon dealer and place your order now. Share this experience with me and comment down on the description box your thoughts ladies. 

I'll update you guys, a week after and the Final Review will be October 9- next month. Also, watch my video blog for this product.

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