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By Mhownai - August 04, 2015

Online business is one of the most effective and budget friendly ways to start your own business. Instagram- with lots of users and possible consumers, this is one of the top choices to start your own business next to Facebook (in my own pov) I honestly much prefer to buy things online because of my hectic schedule, I haven't got a chance to shop around, la di da and to stroll as much as I wanted to so shopping online is a big thumbs up for me.

Before, I am just fond of buying clothes and make-ups online but this shop really changed my mind into purchasing food online. The Happy Pill who just recently opened their shop was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! As of the moment, there offering cupcakes but soon enough, they will going to offer cookies and churros *yum* 

What I really love about this shop, aside from the taste of the cupcakes which is awesome, let me just show you their packaging and the detail of the cupcake itself

Look at those pearl and chocochip toppings on these chocolate cupcakes! So tasty! 

I really love these silver accents on these red velvet which adds on the heavenly taste of these cupcakes. 

Not to mention, these cupcakes are ready for your instagram post! *mehe*

Haven't I mentioned the price? It's really affordable guys! So if you're looking for the most affordable cupcakes, surely The Happy Pill is the online shop for you. There also offering different flavors, from chocolate and red velvet- their best sellers, they're also offering vanilla cream, banana, carrot, apple and mocha flavors. 

So what are you waiting for guys? Order your cupcakes today, they have discounts and they deliver HOW COOL WAS THAT?!

Thank you The Happy Pill for satisfying my craving for sweetness, I surely will buy more. 

For inquiries please go to their instagram @the.happy.pill or send them a message via SMS or Viber at 09067848017 or send her a message at the owner's facebook - here.

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