By Mhownai - August 24, 2014

My family and I decided to go to La Mesa Ecopark (I admit, this is my first time) to shoot for my music video for my project in Humanities. Decided to do a short photoshoot, well, my father's tryin' *claps* 

Sorry for the awkward pose, my heels stuck on to the semi-soft mud.

Awkward face. :p taken in the orchidarium, I must admit, it's beautiful in there. If it wasn't for this humid weather, we can stay for the entire day. 

What I'm wearing: 
Dress: Chic a booty
Black Pumps: Parisian

La Mesa Ecopark wasn't the kind of park I expected but it's pretty tho, who would've thought that there will be a place where there is no pollution *hoping* and it's refreshing. It's not what I've expected because I expected it to be much bigger, the place itself  and garden. Plus minimal people (we arrive there at around 11 AM) but God! Families are going, not to mention that I saw my highschool math teacher there but I didn't approached him because I'm friggin' shy (Hi Sir Mark!) and there are probably 3 groups having a photoshoot and another team having team building but hell yeah! Let's consider the fact that it-is-a-long-weekend.

To sum everything up, I enjoyed the free day but back to reality, I have tons of shit to do but one thing's for sure, we'll be back there, enjoy the day and have fun.

I hope everyone will enjoy their long weekend while I'm sitting here, devoted on my projects and video for my youtube (stay tunned!)

- Mhow <3

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