I'm Switching a Healthy Lifestyle with the Hearty Bread

By Mhownai - October 18, 2019

If you have been a follower on my Instagram, you would probably take a chance to see my post that I was hospitalized due to fatigue.

Back Story

I came from an errand and I was riding the Angkas as I normally would, after an hour of riding the motorcycle, I suddenly felt sleepy -- to me it was normal because I tend to feel sleepy but not to the point that I will sleep; take note, I have been riding motocycle ever since I was a teenager so I am always used to this feeling but I NEVER sleep while riding it. Suddenly, along Commonwealth Highway, I felt a little dizzy (thinking that it was because of the feeling of sleepiness I felt earlier, I didn't mind it at first) next thing I knew, I was sitting on the curbs of the Commonwealth Avenue becuase I couldn't ride the motorcycle anymore.

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Yesterday's turning point I was going home from an errand. I was riding angkas (as I normally would). Heading Commonwealth Ave. I suddently felt sleepy then turned dizzy. The last words I remembered saying to my angkas rider is "Kuya itabi mo, nahihilo po ako" next thing I knew I was sitting in the side of the sidewalk along Commonwealth. When I felt a little better I decided to wear the helmet again and try to ride the bicycle, however, I felt worse. God was just so great that I was near Diliman Doctor's Hospital so I told the angkas driver that I couldn't ride the motorcycle anymore and please rush me to the ER. I then realized that I need to give myself time to rest and recharge my batteries and most importantly, achieve a healthier lifestyle. Stay healthy, folks #notyourordinarygirlbymhow
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The Switch

After several minutes, as I regained my sanity, I asked my Angkas rider to rush me to Diliman Doctor's Hospital because I am not feeling well. I rushed myself to the Emergency room, the hospital personell did the necessary procedures and assisted me to lie down on one of the hospital beds.

I then said to myself "Mhow, you need to be healthy"

After that, I then decided to stop smoking and now reducing my cups of coffee and switching to tea whenever I need a hot beverage while working.

Now, I'm trying to cut down my cholesterol level and carbohydrate intake in order to lose weight.

The Hearty Bread

This is not your ordinary bakestore that sells bread with too much sugar or glutten or preservatives.

Hearty Bread is your one stop shop for breads that are Gluten, Sugar, Butter FREE and Water Friendly. Added to that, they don't have any preservatives or margarine which makes it healthier than other loaves of bread available in the market.

What makes it different from other brands is they cater specifically to different needs of patients with diabetes, renal failure and cancer.

Diabetic Cases
The Philippines is considered one of the diabetes “hot spots” in the Western Pacific region. It is estimated that 1 out of 5 Filipinos are diabetic. This statistic is very alarming and calls for attention of the general public. Several cause-oriented group has already started campaigns to spread awareness in the hope to help hinder the growth.
It was noted that unhealthy lifestyle habits of Filipinos is the main cause of diabetes. This was also tackled by World Health Organization and they also included sedentary lifestyles as major lifestyle risk factors, stating that 1 in 3 is overweight and 1 in 10 is obese.

Obesity cases is another red flag in the country. Those who consume excess of sugar and carbohydrate lead to accumulating that excess weight overtime. Per record, Philippines has estimated a staggering 18 million citizens who are either Obese or Overweight.

Cancer Cells feed on Sugar
To clarify, consuming sugar does not cause cancer. Studies have been conducted which proves that sugar essentially feeds tumors and encourages cancer growth. Hence, starving these cells from sugar may help cancer patients.

Photo Courtesy of Hearty Bread

What's on the menu?

Hearty Bread has 4 variants in their menu: Almond Loaf, Probiotic Loaf, Fruit Loaf and Specialties

Prices are as follows

Almond Loaf
Their Almond Loaves are made with pure raw materials that is sugar free, preservative free and margarine free.

  • Ezekiel Almond Loaf - 100
  • Cheesy Charcoal Almond Loaf - 180
  • Coffee Cheesy Almond Loaf - 250
  • Garlic Almond Bread Sticks - 90

Probiotic Loaf 
Their Probiotic Loaf are made with gluten-free flour fortified with lactobacillus protectus for optimum digestion

  • Premium Sourdough Pandesal - 40
  • Premium Sourdough Loaf - 105
  • Multigrain Sourdough Loaf - 115
  • Garlic Sourdough Bread Sticks - 80

Fruit Loaf
These loaves are made from real fruit such as their banana loaves are made in Saba which has lower sugar content and has more fiber, meanwhile, their pumpkin carrot loaves is a perfect source of Vitamin A that protects our eyes

  • Banana (Saba) Sourdough Loaf - 200
  • Bannoffee Walnut Sourdough Loaf - 280
  • Pumpkin Carrot Sourdough Loaf - 280

Their Coconut Brownies are made with coconut flour with stevia as sugar substitute and you can enjoy the brownies with lactobacillus protectus and walnuts with Stevia as sugar

  • Coconut Brownies - 50/piece or 300/box
  • Walnut Sourdough Brownies - 50/piece or 300/box
My Verdict

I am not an avid fan of breakfast but when I got a chance to try these loaves, I immensely enjoy it. I fills my empty stomach, it makes me feel full and energized before I start my morning. Even if I only eat one to two pieces of breads every morning, I don't feel hungry immediately-- good for weight loss. The Probiotic Loaves are not my cup of tea because to me, they taste bland but you can easily spice it up with jams that would really improve the overall taste.

To me, this is a pefect alternative for people who wants to cut down their weight and my mom who was a Type 2 diabetic really enjoys it most especially the Banana Sourdough Loaf because she can enjoy the sweet taste of the banana without worrying about her sugar level.

Realizing that eating healthy is not a challenge if you have the perfect mindset and perfect partner.

You may get Hearty Bread on these following markets:

Rustan's Marketplace or Supermarket
  • Santolan Town Plaza
  • Shangrila Plaza Mall
  • Glorietta 
  • Paseo de Magallanes
Weekend Market (Friday to Sunday) 
  • U.P. Town Center Acacia Lanes
  • Eastwood Mall 2/F
Pharmacy Partners Hub
  • Mediscount Del Monte
  • Mediscount E. Rodriguez
Delivery Hub
  • Alabang 
  • Paranaque BF Homes
  • Bonifacio Global City

You may also check Hearty Bread's website for more information www.heartybreadph.com
Or check their social media platforms
Instagram: https://instagram.com/heartybreadph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartybreadph

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