Tagaytay Escapade 2019

By Mhownai - April 03, 2019

Last February 2019, my partner together with our friends decided to have an overnight staycation in Tagaytay mainly for two reasons: we wanted to get to know more about each other and we need a break from the hustle and bustle in the busy cities. We decided to stay in Tagaytay because it's quite near where they live, plus, there's nothing so special about my location - North.  I want to go somewhere far just to let off steam, plus, it's been a while since I got away, far away from my responsibilities and problems in the city.

So we basically stayed in a condominium located in the Wind Residences, we're just fortunate that we were able to get an affordable place. To our surprise, the location of our building was quite far from the amenities and the parking lot so it took us around 5 minutes of walking just to enjoy the amenities of the place or even go to our car. However, it's quite near a supermarket so it's quite doable for us to walk to buy our groceries. Walking was not uncomfortable though because of the cool weather of Tagaytay, in fact, I enjoyed walking and I didn't mind walking because it was so relaxing, refreshing and it just feels so nice to feel the cold breeze on my skin.

We arrived in Tagaytay promptly noon and the caretaker (Ate Nelly) was so accommodating, she patiently waited for us despite the slow traffic we experienced in the Cavite area (I guess). As soon as we unpacked and lounge for a couple of minutes, we decided to go to the nearby supermarket to grab something to eat since we're famished and we bought our supplies for the evening until the morning.

As soon as we got back, we just chilled and then we decided to try their amenities. Jerico and Aaron decided to play bet in billiard while I and Abi went back to the condo to cook the carbonara. I was so anxious at first since it was my first time to cook for my boyfriend - called me pressured, yep! But the cherry on top is that they enjoyed my cooking. I was so delighted.

When the evening came, we just enjoyed Soju mixed with Yakult while the boys had beers, we enjoyed the evening full with stories.

In the morning, Eco and I woke up earlier than the others so we decided to prepare the breakfast and we took a morning stroll outside to enjoy the beautiful sceneries as well as practice Eco's photography skills.

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As the afternoon came, we are bound home and we decided to have a stopover at Tabby Cafe in Cavite-- stay tuned for my upcoming post about this lovely cafe.

Overall, this is a fun experience and although the time was limited; how I wish we can spend a week just relaxing, I still released my pressure and I'm looking for more. I'm so excited for the coming staycations and hopefully, Edmund will share the fun with us.

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