A Glimpse inside the Mercury Suki Day Book 2019

By Mhownai - December 16, 2018

We're down to the last days of the year 2018. For some, they look forward to wrapping presents and celebrating Christmas, for me, I am looking forward to spending my 2019 with a bang! Which is fair enough to say that I have already prepared myself for the coming of 2019, well, I already have my planners ready though I haven't designed it yet it is fair enough to say that I'm heck ready for next year.

As a part of my traditional posting of my planners, I want to talk about this specific planner- in detail.

The Mercury Suki Day Book is a reward of Merucy Drug Store for its patron; the basis to acquire this planner is to accumulate a specific point (30 to 35 points) to redeem in exchange of this planner.

The planner right now comes in different colors, if I'm not mistaken, they have blue, yellow, red, and violet available. Talking about the color that I've got- blue, I would say that this is more on the royal blue side which is okay for my preference, most of the colors that they have (except for yellow) are bright, the yellow on one hand is quite dark-ish for my liking.

The material used in the cover was the same with last year, I am positive that the side of the cover will be ruined in just few weeks of using it just like what happened in this year's planner. Furthermore, the cover was I guess faux leather with cardboard to make it a little bit stiff. It has a garter that holds the pages of the book together but the thing is, now it binds one side which is new to me.

The layout of the planner is the same, monthlies first in a list layout and then a notebook style follows there after that is why this planner is perfect for my everyday blogging use. 2018's planner work perfectly with my daily needs for data jot down.

They still have different sections that tackles about health of the users which is quite useful, however, in this year, they don't have much activities and worksheets just like what they had for the year 2018.

To be honest, this is planner was in demand that is why whenever a branch announce that they have stocks available, it would be sold out in just a day. So if you are into getting this type of planner, well, it's better to watch out!

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