3 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Althea x Real Fresh Skin Detoxers

By Mhownai - December 09, 2018

If you would know me, I suck at doing my skin care which is why I am in constant look for items that are perfect for people who are like me- on the go. A few months back, I stumble upon Althea x Real Fresh Skin Detoxers as a mail from my skincare angel, Althea and since then it works wonders. 

That is why this Christmas holiday, I made sure to share this with you again and I've listed down 5 reasons why you should get this for the holiday. 

1. 10-seconds wouldn't hurt you bad

With Althea x Real Fresh Skin Detoxers you only need to spend 10 seconds in order to achieve a hydrated, moisturized and radiant looking skin. Since I have always been always on the go, I really need a product like this- a very immediate result product. You know, when I tried it, I was immediately amazed by how it changed my skin so much and as soon as I continuously try the product. It became my every other day skin ritual. 

2. Price? Doesn't matter, it works wonders

Technically, good skin care cost a fortune, yes I know and I've been there. When I don't have enough money, I tried several items that were on the budget, however, when I realized that some stuff doesn't work as much as I would like to, I then decided to invest on good skin care items instead of good brands of makeup. 

Growing up, I realized that our face is like a blank canvas, it is better to have a high-quality canvas in order for our pigments (makeup) to be put seamlessly on our face to achieve a good looking makeup. 

Althea Korea x Real Fresh Skin Detoxers are on sale right now, get two for only 990 pesos. It is on 10% off from the total price of 1,100 pesos. 

3. Two variants that are perfect for your liking 

Althea x Real Fresh Skin Detoxers comes with two variants that are perfect for you and your liking Green Tea and Rose which are perfect for your skin's needs. First, Rose, it has natural extracts from handpicked roses originated from Grasse, Southern France who only bloom once a year during May. This would deeply hydrate and refine the skin at the same time, soothes the redness due to irritation leaving a healthier, well-rounded complexion. 

The next one was the Green Tea, this product is rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. This has real leaf pieces with fine grounded tea that can purify and hydrate the skin by removing micro unwanted residue that clogs the pores.

Give yourself a merry Christmas and put some Real Fresh Skin Detoxers on the Althea Korea's website.

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