3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to CNCO

By Mhownai - October 08, 2018

We Filipinos really love music whether it's OPM or Pop songs popularized by the Western Countries, Filipinos never goes out of the trend that is why more pop artist really loved to visit the Philippines since the Filipino fanbase is really strong and supportive.

Last September, the Latin boyband paid a visit to the Philippines for their FiloCNCOwners who loved them dearly and I was one of the luckiest people to see them perform live.

Here, I listed 3 reasons why you should listen to CNCO:

1. They are not just looking, they have talent
It does not just look, CNCO looks like a mannequin to me (just to be honest) but then as soon as I was them perform live, they are just more than that. These gentleman knows how to dance dear and their voice was good.

2. Their songs are catchy
To be honest, I cannot understand what they sang because technically it's in Latin but a lot of CNCOwners really know how to sing their songs word by word and I was even jiving to the song even if I don't know the lyrics.

During their performance, they sang 5 songs: Solo Yo, Se Vuelve Loca, Mamita, Hey DJ, Reggaeton Lento.

3. They loved their fans deeply
I was extremely surprised how they greeted us warmly during their meet and greet. I have to be honest, the management was so strict but that was understandable either way, though they were tired, they still managed to cater everyone for photos and a hug even just for a short period of time.

After this experience, I updated my playlist and put CNCO on my must-listen. Try to listen to their songs while working out, it was working for me, hope it does to you.

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