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By Mhownai - August 06, 2018

I'm back with another product first impression. I'm so thankful for all the brands who chose to work with me despite the not-so-long queue posts and hectic schedule.

Stainer PH is one of the brands I collaborated this July and generously sent me their products for review, I received 5 lip and cheek tint, 2 lip balms, and 1 eyebrow pomade. When I received their product I was very excited to swatch it but I hold my excitement and decided to go and film it on camera instead.

Before we go over with their products, Stainer PH claims that her products are 100% organic and safe for children, pregnant and lactating moms- for me, this is a very good start, though I'm now in the process of weaning Edmund, still I want to make sure that my milk is healthy so I avoid using chemical based products as much as possible.

Price: 150 pesos / 10ml
Ingredients: Vitamins C, E & F, Fruit and Aloe Vera extract, Glycerine, Rose Water, Olive Oil, Grapeseed, Jojoba Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil
Applicator: Roller Ball



L TO RIGHT: Palavarn, Pashookt, Pacool, Pakavogue, Pagirl

L TO RIGHT: Palavarn, Pashookt, Pacool, Pakavogue, Pagirl

Thoughts: I honestly liked the shades here though there are some inconsistencies I've noticed like with the formula of the product, the pashookt was a little bit thick compared to pacool which is more liquidy. I also noticed that for first few swipes, you don't really see the difference in some in the shades of the tints, like pagirl is somehow similar with the shade called pakavogue, the only difference is pakavogue is a little bit darker. So if you will purchase this, I strongly recommend swiping the product for at least 3 times to see the true pigment.

I am a big fan of the scent, sweet and no bitter aftertaste. It's also moisturizing and didn't have a hard time removing the pigments on the lips.

My favorite shade? Pagirl for natural looking lips and Pashookt for a more edgier look

Stainer PH has 6 shades available in the market

Lip balm
Price: 150 pesos / 10 ml
Ingredients: Tocopherol, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Flavor Oil, and Colorants



 L TO R (Intrigera and Charotera)
L TO RIGHT (Intrigera and Charotera)

Thoughts: It's very moisturizing, it has a very distinct smell that I'm getting, like a chocolate scent of some sort maybe because of the Cocoa Butter. I really loved the pigments because I didn't have to spend a long time to swipe the balm before it shows the pigment. I also tried the retractable, I think the Intregera has a problem with the retractable when you try to bring it back on the tube, I need to push it further so the product will go down but it's not a problem with me though.

I really love the Intrigera because you would know how I'm into dark shades of lipsticks and tints because it really shows my personality. For me, Charotera is a bit light for me, I am not into light shades of balms because I don't think it suits me well, I was thinking to mix Intrigera and Charotera and let's see what happen. I'll keep you posted. Also, love that this product has SPF 15 which is perfect for on the go women who are always on the road.

Stainer PH has 4 shades of Lip balms available in the market.

Eyebrow Pomade
Price: 175 pesos / 10grams
Ingredients: Hair grower, Biotin Oil, Castor Oil and Jamaican Black

Thoughts: This is my first time to use an eyebrow pomade so I'm not really sure what to expect but then I used BH Cosmetics Brow Brush and spoolie because it didn't have a brush that comes with it. At first I was skeptical to use it because I'm more comfortable in using brow pencil to applying my eyebrows however, I still tried it, also, I find it hard to swatch it on my arm that's why there's no swatch on my arm because the pigment was not as creamy as I've expected. Nevertheless, it gave me the shade that I was expecting, the dark brown was not reddish at all that's why I'm very happy with the color pay off, the pomade was lacking creaminess on the formula for me so some of my eyebrows was not so in place as soon as I applied it but I'm very happy with the outcome it looks on my face and I'm not afraid to use it in the future.

Also, I'm not really sure if they have a set that has a brush but pretty sure they do.

Over-all Thoughts with the product

I really loved the products that were given to me, really affordable and really easy to work with!

You may check them on their Instagram account:
and also their Facebook account:

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