Skin Klarity's Soft Launch at Palm Grill, Tomas Morato, QC

By Mhownai - August 09, 2018

August was very generous to me as I was one of the lucky bloggers that were chosen to be Skin Klarity's beauty ambassadors, this has been one of the most major brands that I've worked with. I couldn't ask for more to be a part of their pioneers in beauty influencing - I couldn't ask for more.

I had a very good start this August with Skin Klarity as I was chosen to be one of their blogger ambassadors. I am very fortunate despite the fact that I'm just a 'newbie' to this industry, still, there are brands who trust my insights and supports me- I couldn't ask for more.

Last Saturday, August 4, I met the community of Skin Klarity and met the owners- Ms. Cheryl de Chaves-Ondaro and Mr. Mark Ondaro, who hopes to meet us personally before Ms. Cheryl deliver her baby I guess this month (Good luck madam!)

The event was filled with so many bloggers and influencers so I'm thrilled to come here despite the bad weather and the unbearable traffic, also to meet my high school schoolmate- Fiona who was the prime reason for my existence to this team (thanks mah!)

How did Skin Klarity Start?

It all started when Ms. Cheryl was looking for a deodorant to solve her condition- hyperhidrosis. At the same time, she was already pregnant during that period so she can't try all of the brands of deodorants so they made up their very own deodorant.

Skin Klarity had a long journey before they launched their products. Since Ms. Cheryl wanted to cater to the needs of pregnant and lactating women, she ensured that their products are plant-based ingredients and most of them came all the way from Korea and Japan.

What are the products of Skin Klarity?

Skin Klarity had a vast range of skin care products from whitening, anti-aging, underarm and of course, sensitive skin with acne. Furthermore, they came up with different kits that would suffice the needs of your skin and it has around 2 to 4 items.

Where can we find Skin Klarity?
Below are their social media accounts:

If you are interested to purchase their products, their mode of payments are Bank Payments (for now) and they ship their products nationwide. For prices, you may send them a message.

I'm very thankful for this awesome opportunity and I can't wait to share with you my thoughts with their product. I'm thinking of making a kili-kili journey with Skin Klarity and I can't wait to share my journey with you guys. Stay tuned for my Skin Klarity haul that will be up next week.

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