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By Mhownai - August 24, 2018

I always love butter to my bread whether it's toasted or just filling, I would consider myself as a butter junkie.

Usually, I always put the plain butter on my toast but when I found out that there are other flavors of butter in the market we tried the garlic flavored butter because of course, who doesn't want garlic bread, right? But the thing is, the flavor was so artificial, you can't feel the garlic at all at the same time, some butter is kind of blunt because I love a creamy butter on my toast paired with a hot creamy coffee.

You probably have read my Butter Up Experience 

But I haven't talked much about the butter itself so I made a separate post dedicated to the product and my thoughts about it.

Butter Up PH has a variety of flavored butter hand-made from compound butter. Compound butter is made by mixing the butter base with supplementary ingredients like garlic, parmesan cheese, white truffle oil, parsley, chives bacon to elevate the flavor so consumers may devour to this exquisite flavors after they incorporate the butter to any dishes their butter base, on the other hand, is made from French butter.

Shelf Life

Butter Up lasts longer if you keep it refrigerated but it's usually good for 3 months. But I'm sure that when you get a chance to taste its flavor, you would surely come back for more.

Butter Up's Versatility

Butter Up Ph can not only be used for spreads but you can incorporate it with other ingredients like steaks, mashed potatoes, and sunny side eggs, furthermore, you can also drizzle it on your popcorn for added flavor but for me, I still like the traditional butter on toast but better.

Aside from spreading it on my toast, I also tried to incoporate it in my pancake, and who would have thought that garlic works really well with sweet breakfast, right? It added another layer of flavor in my meal, wow!


Butter Up has two flavors available in the market: Garlic and Parmasean (150 php) and Bacon and Chili (175 php)


Compared to the other flavored butter that I've tried, with Butter Up Ph, you can taste the butter and the garlic, in fact, there's garlic bits that was added in the butter. Though the garlic was so strong with this but since I love garlic, I didn't mind having a garlic breath after (though it's not a good idea to eat this without brushing your teeth). Oh did I mentioned that I personally tried their Garlic and Parmasean variant because I am still scared to try their Bacon and Chili- I'm hate spicy food so I don't think I have the courage to try it *haha* but I would love to, just let me grab some courage.

Speaking with the Garlic and Parmasean, I thought it will be somehow salty because butter and cheese, right? But I was wrong, it was simply savoury and the layer of flavors really burst in my mouth every after bite! Highly recommended!

The price was really worth it. So if you want to try it, you may go and grab one through their Facebook page 

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