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By Mhownai - August 11, 2018

I love taking pictures especially now that I became a mom, I don't want to miss on important happenings in our life most especially on Edmund.

With all the photos and videos that I accumulated through the years, the problem that I have is how can I preserve them? I know I can upload them on Facebook or Google Photos or even burn it on a CD for future use if we want to take a look at it from time to time, however, the problem is "What if these photos and videos will be deleted accidentally?"

Others would suggest to print it and put it in a photo album, but the problem is some materials can cause the photo to get ruined. So I come to think of a different way to preserve Edmund's memories.

When I found about Story Book, I am very excited to try them out because I know that this will give a twist to showcasing the progress of Edmund's life. What you just need to do is go to their website after that, you just choose from different products that they offer but for me, I chose their Classic Landscape, prices start from 624.

Then you just have to upload the photos that you want to be imprinted and will be compiled in a book-like album.

What I really love about their storybook is first, they have a wide range of styles and themes that you can choose from, also, you may create a collage which is I find peculiar in some of the photo book applications available on the market. Also, you may put some stickers and text to make it more personalized but here in Edmund's storybook, I opt for a blue background with texts only and collage, the simpler, the better.

All in all, I'm very impressed with their product and I'm looking forward to creating more storybook with them.

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