Althea Korea's Real Fresh Skin Detoxers Review

By Mhownai - August 09, 2018

If you have been a long follower in my blog, you would know that I suck at skincare but still, I wanted to have a good looking skin but I'm too lazy do all these skincare steps because for me it's not worth my time, nevertheless, I am still aiming to find the perfect products to share with you guys.

If you would remember the Althea Korea's Bare Essentials Skin Care you would know that I was amazed by how the product deeply changed my skin care game and even though I am trying products every now and then I would still go back to my trusted one- this.

So now, what's next? 

I was thinking to try masks but there are various reasons why it makes me not to buy sheet masks. First, it's expensive (let's talk about 60 pesos for a one use of sheet mask). Second, I'm afraid that I might not be having positive results upon trying and it requires you to maintain it, well, it's my own opinion and Lastly, I can't access the mall any time so chance are I can't restock anytime. But Althea Korea still amazes me with wonderful ideas for skin care for women who are always on the go and this time, they made a 10-second wash off mask. Yes, guys! You heard it, 10 seconds!

Althea Korea's newest product- Real Fresh Skin Detoxer was in collaboration with Korea's Number 1 Beauty Show- Get It Beauty.

Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a 2-in-1 pack contains real fresh ingredients incorporated into the mask that draws out sebum, dirt, and residue from your pores while dispensing an array of nutrients to the skin. Furthermore, this product deep cleanse your skin and at the same time clarify your skin while boosting the skin with nutrients.

This comes in two editions: the Rose edition and Green Tea edition


Recommended to use in the morning

This has natural extracts from handpicked roses originating from Grasse, Southern France who only bloom once a year during May.

This product can deeply hydrate and refine the skin at the same time, minimizing the pores while soothing the redness to calm irritation giving a healthier, well-rounded complexion.

Thoughts about the product

First, I want to rave about the scent- it smells legit and it smells expensive. I really love how the scent stays longer in my skin after I rinsed it on my face and even on my hands, mind you guys, I have dry hands so I'm deeply surprised when this smoothed out my hands as well. Also, it did make my skin radiant after rinsing but the most thing that I liked about the product is that it has real petals that gently exfoliate my skin, this is the most luxurious product that I've tried EVER because the normal products have microbeads that exfoliate my skin but this is very different so I'm so fascinated!


Recommended to use in the evening

This product came from the young green tea leaves and its rich in Vitamin C and has anti-oxidants. It has real green tea leaf pieces and fine grounded tea that can purify and hydrate the skin by removing micro unwanted residue that clogs the pores furthermore it will help your skin brighten every after use.

Thoughts about the product

I am surprised that the green tea scent is not so strong to the point that I will sneeze. I really love the refreshing feeling that it gives me after I rinse the product and at the same time it leaves a hint of scent on my skin. Furthermore, it leaves my skin so smooth. One thing I've noticed though is the green tea leaves are much finer compared to the rose (which has bigger chunks of petals) but I can still feel chunks of leaves but I prefer larger ones but I'm as amazed as with the rose edition


  1. Remove all your makeup and dry your skin
  2. Use your facial cleanser (I highly recommend the Contour Cleanser from Althea Korea- check my review about their product)
  3. Apply the Althea Korea's Real Fresh Skin Detoxers on your face
  4. Wait for 10 seconds
  5. Wet your hands and massage your face until the product starts to foam. 
  6. Rinse
  7. Pat the skin to dry
  8. Continue your skin care regime

Before using Real Fresh Skin Detoxer- Rose

After using Real Fresh Skin Detoxer- Rose

I can't contain my surprise when I tried this product because it's really good. The scent is amazing (pang mayaman teh) and it does make my skin like a baby's butt after using but if you would ask me, what is my favorite? Of course, it's ROSE it won a very single element which is SCENT! I am looking forward to using this. I hope they would have a 10-second mask that would suit my very oily skin. 

You may purchase Althea Korea's Fresh Kin Detoxers in Althea Korea's website. I'm not really sure though when they will sell this one individually as this one is currently in bundles for only 1,100 pesos, the Rose Edition is available for only 550 pesos each Don't miss the chance and grab this opportunity! Be refreshed with the Real Fresh Skin Detoxers!

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