Softex Hello Kitty Gives #PawsitivelyHappy Experience with Their Comfortable Slim Pads

By Mhownai - July 06, 2018

Women often times hated the time of their month when their aunt flow visits them, feeling very uncomfortable, hot and extremely feeling like your down there is not 'fresh' we need a best friend that would help us feel good and protected throughout our monthly visit.

My recent discovery, Softex is one of the most stylish sanitary pads ever. Looking at the packaging, Hello Kitty has been one of the most favorite characters not only for kids but also for some women out there.

The package arrived just in time when I had my monthly period and I was thrilled to try it. The package includes Regular Comfort Slim (winged and non-winged), Comfort Slim - Extra Heavy and Pantyliner.

The Softex Comfort Slim aims to give comfort to the users with their pillow-feel structure on their top sheet and their breathable layer. They also have a liquid lock-in feature that ensures the user that they can move freely throughout the day without feeling that they will leak, thus, the liquid lock-in feature will absorb the liquid just in seconds. Both of the non-wing and winged measures 23cm.

Left to Right: Softex Comfort Slim Non-Wing, Softex Comfort Slim Winged 

Verdict: What I noticed immediately is how they are packed. I am very impressed because the plastic itself is the cover of the pad itself, you see how the packaging ensures that no bacteria will go inside the pad which for me is a well-thought package. You can easily bring it with you anytime and have easy access when you want to go and change in the middle of the day.

I tried the Softex Comfort Slim Winged in the last 3 days of my period and I must say, I didn't feel any irritated throughout the day, I can move easily and do my tasks without the feeling that the pad will be misaligned (I know girls, you know what I mean) I also love how thin the whole pad feels nothing when I wear it. I didn't feel hot down there despite the unbearable heat.

Inside of the Softex Comfort Slim Wing

Inside of the Softex Comfort Slim Non-Wing

The Softex Comfort Slim- Extra Long is one of the longest pads available in the market with a measure of 29cm. This is good for people who have to bleed heavily and who do a strenuous activity. This is specially made to give a dry and comfortable experience to the users in their not-so-fun moments of the month.

Verdict: I tried this on the first 2 days of my period which is the time where I bleed more than the other days and I was very impressed to see even I was working out and taking care of my child who moves here and there, the blood didn't leak because the pad goes straight to my butt area which gives me a secure feeling that I won't leak even if I lie down.

Softex Comfort Slim- Extra Heavy

How the Comfort Slim- Extra Heavy looks like when opened

The Softex Comfort Slim Pantyliner is good for everyday use. I am using it especially when I go and run errands and I was very impressed by how it stays still on my underwear because, in my past experiences with other brands, the panty liner didn't stick that much on my underwear and the pantyliner just sticks together which is very discomforting. Whenever I wear this, I didn't feel like I'm wearing anything and I didn't feel like it's time to change already because I am very comfortable with this.

What the Softex Comfort Slim Pantyliner Looks like

What the Softex Comfort Slim Pantyliner Looks like when opened

To give you an idea about the difference of their sizes, here is a photo for your reference:

Left to Right: Comfort Slim- Heavy, Comfort Slim Regular (Winged), Comfort Slim Regular (Non-Wing) and Comfort Slim Pantyliner

Softex have a wide range of pads that suit your needs during your period, they have Soft Light Airy for regular, heavy and extra heavy flow. They also have a Combo Pack that is perfect for your whole Cycle. They have Light Airy 3 in 1 that includes 4pcs of Regular Flow, 5pcs of Heavy Flow, 6pcs of Extra Heavy Flow and 2 free pantyliners and their Comfort Slim 3 in 1 that have 12 pcs of Regular Flow pads and 8 pcs Heavy Flow.

Softex Pads are available in Walter Mart Supermarket, Metro, PureGold, Watsons and Robinsons Malls.

For more information, you may check their social media platforms:

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