Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle with M2 Ready-To-Drink Iced Tea

By Mhownai - July 10, 2018

I suck at eating vegetables, the only time I was forced to eat vegetables is when I got pregnant because I know that the baby needs the nutrients so now that I gave birth 2 years ago and not that I'm in the process of weaning, I am back with my bad habits of not eating my vegetables.

I know that vegetables are essential to one's body because this is the easiest and the most affordable source of vitamins and minerals to ease the toxins, keep it firm and toned and this boosts resistance but haven't you experienced the feeling like you're just forced to consume something because you just have to.

Stressing the importance of eating vegetables, I still make sure I eat my favorites- okra, kangkong, pechay and other greens but I know that's not enough. Good thing NatureEarth Corporation already made ready-to-drink vegetables which are perfect for people like me who strive to have a good lifestyle and always on the go.

You all know how M2 Concentrate Tea drink boost my milk supply, right? But now, this added another characteristic that I absolutely love.

This ready-to-drink M2 iced tea is very handy with their 300ml bottle that you can bring anywhere and give you your daily vegetable drink.

It primarily consists the three nutritional ingredients like malunggay, okra and luya that gives you body amazing benefits and boost your immune system.

With this, I don't have to worry about my everyday nutrition needs because of M2 ready-to-drink iced tea. A piece of advice, you can add a tablespoon of kalamansi for additional flavor.

M2 ready-to-drink iced tea is available in all Robinsons Supermarkets, Andoks Lechon Manok stalls and all authorized distributors nationwide for only 55 pesos.

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