How to Raise Your Kids Well-Rounded and Ready for the Future

By Mhownai - July 28, 2018

With the rapid development of technology with added drastic change into everyone's lifestyle as a mother, it's hard to keep up with making my son as healthy as possible. I am honestly trying my very best to prepare different dishes that would make him eat healthier meals for his body to be nourished and boost is the immune system because if we don't it might lead into many challenging issues like obesity, social difficulties, attention problems and leading deficiencies.

But with consistency, dedication, patience and a guidance and solid support from us, parents, it's also possible for us to ensure that our kids not only have a healthy body but also ready for the big future ahead of them.

With parent's partners like NANKID who powered the Parentology +, it ensures that the parents are equipped with tips that will help them reshape their kid's future. Parentology+ is anchored with three pillars: Proper nutrition, active lifestyle and high social quotients. With this, it will help parents solve the challenges of modern parenting.

Here are some tips that we, parents can do to make our children's lives fantastic and future-ready:
  1. Be a role model to them
    Some elders say "Kung anong ginagawa ng matanda ay siyang susundan ng bata" if we wanted to make them be future-ready, we need to ensure our kids can be able to socialize, most especially during playtime. Honestly, this is one of the things I am having a hard time to teach to my son since we rarely go out, and he's an only child, I'm afraid that he might not know how to socialize.

    So let's be present what I normally do is I tend to let Edmund play in a playhouse once a while to improve his social skills but I make sure that I'm present and keeping an eye on him not only for his safety so I can teach him what's right from wrong.

    In making my kid eat healthy foods, I learned how to eat vegetable frequently, we make sure that there's a vegetable in the menu at least 2 a week. I let him see me eating these foods so he can also eat the same food because he's now in the stage wherein he tends to copy everything I do and that goes with brushing his teeth.
  2. Encourage them
    Whenever they reach a certain milestone, you can say that they did a good job or give them little rewards like stickers or candies if they achieved something citing, for example, they did pick up their toys after playing or they finished their meal or they became quiet in the mass.

    If they are struggling to follow your instructions, instead of getting frustrated. Encourage them and explain to them why are you doing this, why they need to follow eventually, they will understand.
  3. Be there for them
    Whatever may happen we parents are supposed to be with our kids to guide them and let us be their first best friend. I remember when I was a teenager, I am afraid to open up to my parents because I feel like there's a wall between my parents and me but that's not the case and I don't want my own child to feel like he can't open up to me. So I tend to be his barkada before anyone else. 
Reshaping our kids to the future can be very hard and a long journey because giving them proper nutrition most especially our kids need around 3,000 calories a day to sustain their healthy bodies, that's why we turn to our solid nutrition partners NANKID who is now powered by Parentology+ no doubt our kids will be future ready: mind and body. 

When my Edmund drink NANKID, I noticed that his appetite boosted which was amazing because I was struggling with what he wants to eat, he tends to eat only macaroni soup and pancit but now he eats almost everything, I am now trying to encourage him in eating fruits and meat, good thing he somehow tries to taste everything so that's a great start!

Parentology+, powered by NANKID will be coming to SM Cebu City on August 11-12 and Abreeza Davao on August 25-26. Don't miss this chance! Participants can win various prizes like digital instant cameras, premium tumblers, and exclusive NANKID items when they post their experience at Parentology+ on their social media accounts with hashtags: #NANKID #PARENTOLOGY #ReShapeTheFuture

For more details, visit their Facebook page

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