HOW TO: Have Affordable Dates That Will Surely Develop Our Relationship Closer and Stronger Than Ever

By Mhownai - July 26, 2018

As time dramatically influenced people, a lot of things had changed from the way people dress down to the way they talk, also it includes the way people have a relationship. I know for a fact that people handle their relationships differently, however, there's a common denominator- dating. Dating rapidly changed along with how people's personality and mindset had changed.

In the old times, couples tend to dine out and watch movies or go to a park and the woman will prepare a sumptuous meal for both of them, however, this is not the case right now. A lot had changed and that includes, Netflix and chill and some event, not date at all.

I made a list of some dating ideas that are proven to increase your relationship intimacy

1.     Cook together
Instead of eating at a fine dining restaurant that would cost a fortune or eat in an unhealthy fast food chain (no judgment, I love fast food)  why don't you try making your meal and eat it together? Not only this will be a really clever bonding time, it will make your partner's tummy and heart happy and who knows, it will give him/her an idea that you are worth marrying for.
2.     Backpack traveling
For some couples, traveling is their source of joy. I mean who doesn't? Traveling can also improve your relationship as it has a bigger possibility that you could learn about your partner's personality, ambition, and goals in life. Also, you can have the chance to reach your dream destination with the one you love the most, right? I find it fascinating.
3.     Visit Museums, theme parks
Honestly, when I was still dating the father of my child, I often ask him to go to a museum with me, because our university is just nearby, however, he always refuse me whenever I ask him to. That's why I include it here. It's really nice to learn something new together and discover different cultures.

Theme parks are a very great idea of an outdoor date. I would really love to have a theme park date but the question is, do I still look like I can enter the theme park without judgment? Haha! Kidding aside, it's really cute especially to those millennial couples to spend the entire day having fun in theme parks. 
4.     Rent a movie
What's a date without a movie right? This is one of the stereotypes dating ideas who never goes out of the list. But in my own honest opinion from a person who doesn't really love cinemas, I prefer to watch movies at home for the reason that I tend to sleep in the middle of the film- yes it happens no matter how wonderful and how interested I am in a film I just don't know why but I just sleep in the middle. Also, why don't you just cuddle under a warm blanket and eat homemade popcorn while watching a movie and what's the best part? At home. Isn't that fun and more affordable than watching in a movie house with a bunch of people who kiss at the back of the movie house (Honestly, get a room) but it also has a different scenario IF you wanted to watch a brand new movie.
5.     Play computer games
This goes well if your partner is a player, I remember when I tried to learn how to play DOTA because I was just so supportive AF which is beneficial because not only you will not fight because your partner is playing computer games AGAIN! I believe in the saying if you can't beat them, join them! This is a great bonding too and you're partner will appreciate how hard you try to support the things they like. Trust me, that will definitely make you a keeper. 

Try to browse through different free dating sites like Match Me Happy. Not only you will find great people to date with, you will also encounter good people to talk to but if you're happy you can spend the rest of your life with. Who knows. 

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