When Is the Best Time to Get into a Relationship?

By Mhownai - June 01, 2018

One day, I asked myself "When is the best time to fall in love again?"

I was in an almost 5-year relationship with the father of my child which eventually didn't work out, it sucks and it's painful somehow traumatizing a breakup would be and I'm happy that I was able to cope up with that experiences and every day I'm still learning from it. So allow me to share my insights on when its the best time to fall in love.

Fall inlove when you already know how to love yourself. Learning how to love yourself is the greatest love of all as one of the most famous songs of Whitney Huston says and I strongly believe in that statement. How can you be able to love others when you don't love yourself. Yes, it's a great feeling to love someone but if you won't give time to love yourself, you'll end up being empty and intoxicated.

When you love someone, you are required to love everything about the person, the good and the bad, you have to accept his flaws. Falling in love is making adjustments regarding the person you are dating with, I remember one friend told me "You will lose all the standards you have for a person when you love them." So are you willing to be that someone who will love a person despite all their flaws and shortcomings? Think about it.

Fall inlove when you are ready. You can feel it when you're ready. When you're ready, it comes naturally, you give time to your partner, talk to them for hours, giving them the attention, affection and care that they deserve. Fall inlove when you're ready to get hurt because being in a relationship isn't all about rainbows, flowers and forever after its all about staying strong to surpass all your challenges- together. Do you think you're ready?

I am not ready to fall inlove but I feel alone

We all have days wherein we feel so down so know that you're not alone on this journey, I know how it feels. What I do? I open myself to different people that I can talk to, I don't limit myself to other social media but I join different free dating sites.

Joining dating sites doesn't mean that you are looking for a partner often then not some people use these sites because they just wanted to meet new people and know their culture and if you're lucky they have a partner for life.

I want to join dating sites because I want to have a sexual partner, is it possible?

Yes, some people also joining these sites for fun, there are also different sex sites available and you can meet different people looking for the same things as you do with no judgment, just be wise in choosing your buddy.

Why do you think it's great to start dating online?

You can work at your own pace. if you don't want to go and talk to people, then don't use the site. You can choose the person whom you think would be suitable for you.

Most interactions will start with honesty. I believe in this, when you're talking to a stranger, you can be whoever you want to be but if your main goal is to find your forever partner, I'm sure you'll start everything fresh and with honesty.

Stronger foundation. Since most relationship that came out in online dating starts with friendship and like I've mentioned above it starts with honesty.

Cheaper. Since most relationship will be long distance, having physical dates will not be on a regular basis, thus it makes waiting worth it and you can save more money.

Falling in love is the best feeling in the world but one move and you'll be crushed, keep your hearts guarded and open yourself to more possibilities.

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