Swish and Flick Cocktails, Harry Potter Inspired Bar in Timog Has the Most Fun, Interactive Drinks Ever

By Mhownai - June 28, 2018

I am not a fan of Harry Potter not because I don’t want the story at all, it’s just that the story for me is too much, some fictions doesn’t match my taste, nevertheless, that doesn’t made me less impressed by how much it influenced the minds of many fans through the years. Though I cannot consider myself as ‘fan’ of course, I am not clueless with their characters like of course, Harry Potter itself and of course, the golden snitch. I basically grew up with the series of Harry Potter.

Filipinos are a big fan of movies whether it is locally or internationally made and is known for having a creative mind and a huge appetite, they combined everything and made a different approach to different restaurants and food stalls- to let us experience what we have watched in the movies.

The Yard Street food Cinema located in Timog, Quezon City is a cinematic themed food park which caters different stalls conceptualized from a movie having that said, Swish and Flick Cocktails is one of the stalls you may want to visit for a different approach with the movie Harry Potter.

Located on the Second Floor of the food park, you would definitely see the ambiance of the stall which clearly shouts ‘Harry Potter at Hogwarts”. The ambiance was bright and very welcoming, you can clearly see their menu and prices.

Speaking to the manager of the Swish and Flick Cocktails, Robee, an avid fan of the Harry Potter made sure that she incorporated her cocktails with the movie, she said she even watched the movie from the 1st down to the 7th just to make sure she got all the details for her cocktails.

Their 3 bestsellers are Incendio, the Golden Snitch and of course the ever famous- Butter Beer.

Php 119

Infused spice rum, Pineapple juice, Lychee and Cinnamon

Swish and Flick Cocktails’ Incendio have a different approach to their drinks, while the rum was served flaming, a wand filled with Cinnamon will be sprinkled in the flame making the idea as if there’s a flame coming out of the wand.

Golden Snitch
Php 119

Ultimate Coffee Lacquer, Cream, Salted Caramel, Graham Dust and Ferrero Rocher

Having the idea of the golden snitch made from Ferrero Rocher with wings, it’s a picture-perfect drink.

Butter Beer
Php 129

Butter Beer and Toasted Marshmallow Meringue

What’s a Harry Potter themed bar without a Butter Beer, right? However, Swish and Flick had a different approach with the drink, instead of putting a whipped cream on top, they replaced it with a Marshmallow Meringue.

Incendio and Golden Snitch are too sweet for me, it’s not the drink that I will drink on a daily basis. The alcohol in each drink is kind too strong for my liking, I’m not a fan of rum and coffee infused drink I think they don’t go together. Butter Beer, on the other hand, was very impressive, the alcohol content is not so strong and the meringue is a new twist to the butterbeer that I was tasting, however, if they put too much marshmallow, it might get too sweet.

The price range of their drinks is 99 to 199 php for solo and 250 php for only 2 liters. Price range is really affordable considering the presentation.

I highly recommend this stall to those people who wanted to experience a different approach to interactive cocktails. 

Check them out, Swish and Flick Cocktails is located at The Yard Street food Cinema in Timog Avenue, Quezon City. 

Watch our interview with Robee, Swish and Flick Cocktails's manager

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