Silent Clubbing at SM Fairview: New Concept Against Noise Pollution

By Mhownai - June 08, 2018

Music has been my companion through these years, from Parokya Ni Edgar to Eraserheads to Justin Bieber to Khalid and so many artists, I must admit, I grew up with music and until now, I'm still highly influenced by different artists.

The way we present, celebrate and appreciate music have upgraded over the years but one thing's for certain- concert, clubbings and music festival never goes out of style.

SM Fairview introduced the newest approach in partying- Silent Clubbing. Who would have thought that was a thing? A different approach with a different twist that will surely be appreciated by people of all ages.

The concept is the people will be handed wireless earphones with a radio transmitter. The signal will be picked up by the wireless headphone worn by the participants. Those who don't have any headphones cannot hear the music. It may look unusual because it will give the effect of a room full of people dancing to nothing.

This is my first time joining this event and I must say, I am very excited.

In this event, SM Fairview invited 3 world class DJs to play for us and entertain us with the event.

DJ Marvelous which set was played on Channel 1 is playing House Music.
DJ  Angel Villaronte on Channel 2 is mixing RnB music.
DJ Callum David is on Channel 3 and plays EDM.

I thought the event will be boring but to my surprise, it was extremely entertaining but the only thing is, I felt kind of shy to bang my head because people would think I'm crazy (LOL) but all in all I really loved the event, really refreshing and with their advocacy- to eliminate noise pollution, this is a great way to celebrate and have fun with your friends.

All in all, the event was a success, the participants surely had fun. Congratulations, SM!

Watch the highlight here:

For more updates and exciting events, visit SM Fairview Facebook page: and celebrate with their 60th #AweSM moments with SM Fairview.

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