Pixie Dust Lip and Cheek Tint First Impression and Swatches

By Mhownai - June 22, 2018

Lip tints have been my essential in my makeup kit. It definitely changed my makeup game most especially when I became a mom, I literally need to do my entire face makeup in less than 5 minutes and with lip and cheek tints, it made my life easier.

I received another parcel from Pixie Dust- a new lip and cheek tint line that sells 100% organic, cruelty-free, assures no bitter taste, long-lasting and gel-based.

With their tagline "Skip your lipsticks and try our more natural looking lip tints", let's see their product's performance.

Each lip tint is 150 pesos each.


The packaging was very different, usually, the caps on the lip tints that I have on my stash are either black, white or silver but Pixie Dust's color of the cap are different each shade.

The label is very cute and there's a fairy on the label which I guess resembles the pixie. The name of the brand was printed and the name of the shade was at the middle.

At the back, you would see their ingredients but they change ingredients to 'magic elements' and I find it very witty,

There's also another quote that says "All you need is faith, trust, and a little Pixie Dust"

What's really impressing with their packaging is that they made an effort to include different bible verses- they have different bible verse per shade which is really amazing! I honestly believe that sometimes, we really need a little reminder that God is always with us.

The cap was twistable and their applicator was roller ball, the container was plastic and really light which is very perfect for your make up kit.


All in all, they have 8 shades o their line but I have 3 shades to try: Strawberry Dash (Pink), Apple Mist (Red) and Jelly Plum (Dark Violet).

First impression on the shade

One thing I noticed that the color pay off was not that pigmented, I really love the color pink and red because, despite the lack of pigment for my liking, I really love how it looks really good on my lips especially the shade Apple Mist because it lessens the darkness on the outer part of my lips. Furthermore, the product is really buildable for me and it gives me a very natural look on my lips.

The scent is really sweet, it reminds me of the local candy- lips.

The product somehow sticks on the inner part of my lips but it was not an issue and just as what I've expected, the shade Jelly Plum was my least favorite because you would know that I am not really into plum shades because I think they don't really fit my personality. Thus, I don't really see Dark Violet in Jelly Plum but I see it as a Chocolate shade.

There's no bitter taste, in fact, it's not that sweet and it doesn't have any oily feeling.

It's moisturizing on my lips. I also had a hard time removing them but even though the formulation sticks so much on my lips and I rubbed it hard using a makeup remover, that didn't make my lips hurt or cracked.

Other shades

Check out Pixie Dust's shades:

  • Apple Mist (Red)
  • Cherry Berry (Dark Red)
  • Jelly Plum (Dark Violet)
  • Strawberry Dash (Pink)
  • Happy Orange (Orange)
  • Peachy Puff (Light Orange)
  • Sugar Grape (Violet)
  • Watermelon Sparkle (Red Pink)

Pixie Dust not only sells lip and cheek tints but also different makeup products that would definitely suit your needs. Check them our on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pixieDustdvo/
Follow them on their Instagram account http://instagram.com/pixiedustdvo

Watch my first impression and swatches on my Facebook account and stay tuned for my wear test.

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