One of a Kind Staycation with the Blulane Hotel

By Mhownai - June 04, 2018

I may be working at home but mind you, it is just as stressful as working in the corporate world. I may not be traveling to work but I am taking care of my 2-year-old while doing my tasks and soon, will be studying not to mention that we don't have a helper for 2 months now which makes me the ultimate house helper as well. It's chaotic but I love the challenge.

However, I must admit, I need a break and relax with all these stress and house chores.

What's better than having a staycation?

The Blulane Hotel is a newly-opened luxury hotel that has a 17-story building with 172 rooms located in the heart of Binondo Manila and surrounded with breathtaking tourist attractions and historical landmarks with both Chinese and Filipino cultures. The hotel is equipped with different amenities to ensure that the guests will have an incredible stay and made them feel like they are not apart from their homes. It has 120 rooms allocated for the Superior room with a queen size bed. 29 De Luxe, 9 Premier, 10 Executive and 4 VIP Rooms.

First Impression

As my family entered the hotel, I was impressed with the ambiance their lobby has, it's bright and very welcoming, the staffs are all smiling and very courteous. It was raining when we arrived, the staffs are ready with umbrellas on their hand to make sure we won't get wet with the rain.


The Blulane Hotel is located at the heart of Binondo, Manila. It's really accessible to banks for easy withdrawal of money because it's in front of RCBC. It's really accessible to different establishments and if you want shopping, it's just a few weeks away from Divisoria.


Their lobby is very wide and very welcoming, the ambiance is bright. You can easily see the stairs and the chandelier there is also a Chinese touch as their accents and flowers to complete their overall look.

While waiting for the check-in, we were entertained by a violinist who played different songs from the millennial artists like Ed Sheeran down to the Bosa Nova artist like Sitti.

And who wouldn't be amazed by their chandelier? For me, it's the highlight of the lobby and the mezzanine.

Mezzanine and Mezzanine Resto

Mezzanine and Mezzanine Resto is located on the second floor of the hotel, this is where most guests have breakfast buffets.

The Mezzanine and the restaurant is very spacious, and the ambiance is really sophisticated, it has a bar and a coffee machine where you can access your drinks.

Superior Room

We had the Superior Room King, I must say the room is very cozy and honestly when we came in, I wanted to dive in the bed and wrap myself with their fluffy comforter. I love how the bed is white, you can really see how clean and maintained the bed sheets are, their sheets smells really great by the way and the pillows are well fluffed. I was really impressed. They also provide a glass note on top of the bed saying if you wanted to change the sheets and a welcome note.

The room had two side table with lamps on it an on one side table it has the telephone and notepad.

The hotel also included a desk that guests can use as a home office which suits my needs really well, I was able to do my homeschool works comfortably.

The room also had two cozy chairs with a table in the middle so if the guests wanted to eat or have some coffee.

Didn't I mentioned that the room had a very big television where you can watch different shows, they also have Chinese channel available for Chinese guests.

They also have a minibar, and complimentary coffee and tea. Above, they have different nuts and snacks for sale. They also have a mini ref filled with different drinks.

Of course, one the most important and the only thing I am very particular when it comes to hotel's comfort room, to me, if the comfort room is dirty and smells nasty, the entire area is not well maintained, well, that's just my personal opinion.

The sink has a good size and they provided their basic necessities. I was so surprised to see that there's a comb available and a laundry bag, there's also mini towels available for your face and hands, the faucet has a heater feature so it's really helpful most especially when you hate to wash your hands or face with cold water.

Their comfort room has a blow dryer for your morning or night routine, I was really impressed, I've never seen a hotel in the Metro with a blowdryer feature, this is really helpful for late night shower. 

Speaking of shower, this is my most favorite part of the room (aside from the bed) I love the rain shower and it's hot and cold feature. It was very relaxing though I had a hard time fixing my preferred temperature but that's okay, the temperature immediately adjusts when you twist the knob. My son was never fond of using showers but when we bathe here, he doesn't want to go out of the shower.

The Blulane Hotel was also provided a free Foam Bath and Shampoo to their guests. I haven't tried it though but it's really handy when the guest happened to forget their toiletries.

Their toilet was located almost at the back of the door, they included a bidet which has a lukewarm water.

Pamper Time

We were given the privilege to enjoy a 20-minute massage from The Blulane Hotel, I was so excited to try this because of the stress that I've been experiencing since the last year. 

Located on the 16th Floor, you would experience The Blu Spa. You would definitely smell relaxing aroma upon entering the room. 

As I entered the spa we were accompanied to their waiting area with relaxing lazy chairs and television, I was also offered a tea while waiting for my turn for the massage.

The Blu Spa ambiance

The Blu Spa has a Chinese calligraphy of some sort in the walls for an added Chinese feels, the entire room was dim and has a yellow light for additional relaxation. 

There is also a big sofa that serves as a waiting area while in the queue. 

There are over 4 pods available with two massage beds for the guests. 

As I entered the room, there are two beds available for a couples massage. 

I experienced Shiatsu dry massage. It was very relaxing, the masseuse really knows what she's doing and according to the one who did my pamper time, the masseuses are well-trained for different types of massage. They also have different types of massages available like Thai, Traditional Hilot. 

Grand Cantonese- Dinner Showcase

We also experienced Blulane's Chinese Cuisine at The Blu Dynasty which showcased a great Cantonese experience with its interior details. 

Their menu was conceptualized by their very own in-house Cantonese chefs which gives an innovating taste on its dishes. 

One thing I've noticed is the Blu Dynasty is like a VIP function room that is perfect for business talks or simple gatherings. The room can hold around 20 to 50 people. 

Their table set up is really pleasing, they also offer a table napkin, chopsticks, utensils and different sizes of plates. 


I was really overwhelmed with their wide range of menu and I'm really excited to share it with you

Roast Duck Japanese Make Combination
(Cold cuts selection served with Japanese Maki)

Steamed Live Suahe in Bamboo Basket
(Poached Live Shrimp Served with Scallion Dipping Sauce)

Sea Cucumber with Albone Mushroom
(Sea Cucumber, Abalone mushroom, and vegetable in braised sauce)

Dong Po Pork with Steamed Buns
(Pork Slices in Sweet Brown Sauce paired with Steamed Buns)

Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Soy Sauce
(Fresh Lapu-Lapu steamed with Blu's special sauce)

Fried Crabs in Salt and Pepper
(Wok cooked fresh crabs with Salt and Pepper)

Seafood Noodles
(Braies soft noodles with assorted seafood)

Dessert and Pastries

Overall Taste

My most favorite is their cold cuts combination and of course, their Fried Crabs, it's really big and its meat is very flavorful. The steam buns were really sweet it reminds me of the siopao. Their noodles were a little bit salty for my tasting but my son really loved it, he really loves noodles. For the deserts, I really loved the almond milk that was offered to us while my mom loved the Buchi, I am not a fan of Buchi though because I am not a fan of sesame seeds.

Grand Launch of Videoke Night

Located on the 17th floor which serves as their events place the place showcases the breathtaking sceneries of Manila. The grand launch was filled with different drinks and finger foods that people would really enjoy. 

I was able to sing Bang-Bang by Jessie J and I won the First Place. It was a really fun and memorable experience. You would definitely see that everyone was really enjoying having drinks and just having a good night. 

Good Night Sleep with Blulane 

After the videoke night, I immediately went to my room to have a good sleep, the comforter was extremely fluffy and as soon as I finish my night hot shower I buried myself under the sheets and found myself already sleeping. What I really enjoyed with the room is that you can easily change its temperature 

Chill Morning

For the first time in the longest time, I never felt really relaxed. The morning greeted me with the most amazing sunrise that peeps through my hotel window. I woke up extremely early as usual and I was able to do some homeschool works and other freelance articles with their reliable wifi. It was really cozy working in a fluffy bed. 

See how my baby enjoys the bed? He also loves to wrap himself in the comforter and I can say he really did have a good night sleep. 

Good Coffee at The Coffee Club

As a coffee lover, I will never miss tasting Blulane's very own, I ordered a Mocha Latte and Americano. I was really amazed by their affordable prices. The coffee was also made in front of you, the work area was really clean and their staff was really accommodating and really respectful.

The Coffee Club was located in the hotel's lobby; its ambiance was really inviting and welcoming. It has different chairs available for the guests to enjoy and chill while sipping on the Blulane's very own signature frappe, smoothies and drinks partnered with sweet delicacies. 

Sumptuous Breakfast at Blulane Ballroom

On the morning we were invited to have a different to their Big Breakfast Banquet. The Ballroom was really spacious and perfect for big events like weddings and batch reunions. 

Their Breakfast Banquet showcased different sumptuous meals that everyone's really excited for. 

Roasted Porkloin

Mini Cakes

Beef Forestier

Signature Fried Chicken

Pan Grilled Fish Fillet

Vegetable Medley

Signature Fried Rice

Prawn Bisque

I was really surprised to see a personal chef who prepared three types of pasta: pesto, white and red sauce and sliced the pork loin in front of us- really professional and high-class quality of serving!

Overall experience

It was a very relaxing experience. I'm really impressed with the staff's world-class service and devour to their different cuisine. It was a once in a lifetime experience and we would definitely go back here for another staycation, this time with my father, of course, my mom surely had the most amazing staycation as well. 

If you wish to have a one of a kind staycation experience with The Blulane Hotel, they are located at 609 Tomas Mapua Street Binondo, Sta Cruz, Manila

For room rates and other promos available from Blulane, check out their social media platforms:

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