Quenchers: Avengers-Themed Bar with Affordable Drinks

By Mhownai - May 09, 2018

Food parks won't be complete without drinks, of course! I came across this Avenger themed bar in The Yard Streetfood Cinema which I know will excite not only the Avengers fan but also those who wanted to try something new at the most affordable price possible.

Quenchers- an Avenger themed bar is packed with different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a different twist.

What makes them different is that their cocktails named after each character are not simply named after, it is a well-thought drink, each drink named after each character resembles not only the name but the color and the flavor as well.

I remember when I was in college until I started working in a BPO company, I am a heavy drinker, I love drinking hard drinks but as I settled down being a full-time mom, my alcohol tolerance was not that strong anymore, still, I wanted to come and taste what Quenchers have to offer.

Quenchers' non-alcoholic drinks

For their non-alcoholic drinks, we were served with their Legendary Fruit Mix- Jarvis and Captain America.

Left to Right: Jarvis, Captain America
Visually, it's really pleasing most especially if you watched and know these characters you would really love the colors of the drinks because you would see the characters in the drinks.

Pricing: A 22oz of their legendary fruit mix is retailed for 95 pesos.

Jarvis is a non-alcoholic drink made with Strawberry pop ball, Mango Juice, Black Tea and Whipped Cream

Taste: It's really a refreshing taste, at first, I thought that the balls inside this drinks are tapioca (or something like that) but then I was surprised when it popped inside my mouth and it tasted really sweet. I've tasted nothing like so I absolutely loved it. However, it's kind of sweet if you will not mix the drinks altogether but after it's thoroughly mixed, everything goes well together.

Captain America is made of Yogurt pop ball, Strawberry Syrup, Guyabano Juice, Simple Syrup, Whipped Cream and Blue Curacao

Taste: It's really refreshing, the taste is really light and it reminds me of summer, here in this one, even if you don't mix them together, it doesn't taste sweet. I also love the yogurt pop balls which is a wonderful surprise to my taste buds, honestly, I always look forward to sipping these little babies.

All in all, their legendary fruit mix is a hit for me. What's even better is that you can be able to let your kids enjoy their drinks because it's non alcoholic. I am sure that everyone will look forward for the pop balls inside.

Quenchers' Alcoholic Drinks

Quenchers are packed with different alcoholic cocktails that everyone would enjoy, for this time, we were offered one of their best sellers- the Ultimate Hulk Smash.

Price:  For a 16 oz drink, it is retailed for 150 pesos and for 2 liters, it is retailed for 350 pesos.

Their Ultimate Hulk Smash is a mix of Rum, Gin, Vodka, Green Apple, Sweet and Sour Mix, Smirn of Mule and gummy bears.

First of all, I just want to applaud the team for thinking of a different way to serve this drink to their guest. They incorporated Hulk's smash on their drinks with their chant: "When I say 'Hulk' you say 'Smash' Hulk-Smash!" as soon as 'Smash' is chanted, the one who's wearing Hulk's gloves would smash the table until the glass filled with Gummy bears placed in front above the mouth of the jar with chopsticks will fall down to the  drink.

Really enjoyed the chant.

Taste: Honestly, the drink is too strong for me which I understand because I was never used to drink mixed cocktails since I love drinking brandy and whiskey but I enjoyed the drink, the gummy bears really balances out the strong mix and  2 liters is good for sharing.

Just keep in mind that when you drink an alcoholic drink though it is a cocktail, there is still a possibility that it will make you drunk, so be safe.


Quencher's bar is really open and you absolutely can see everything. Their drinks are neatly placed on the countertop, their menu can be easily read which is very helpful for people who have poor eyes like me.


They are really friendly and were smiling all the way, I love how they interact with me and how they patiently answered all of my questions regarding their drinks. They look so professional when mixing drinks- you would definitely see that they know what they are doing.

Overall service

I enjoyed my experience with Quenchers, I just felt a little drunk after drinking their Ultimate Hulk Smash but that's what alcoholic drinks are for. Affordable drinks, good service, and yummy drinks. I definitely recommend their bar.

Just bring your IDs because their management would ask an ID and we don't want to serve alcoholic drinks to minors, right? So just to make sure, bring your ID.

If you are interested in trying their drinks, check them out on The Yard Street food Cinema, Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

For more information, check their social media accounts:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Quenchers01/

Check out my interview with Robee- Quencher's Manager:

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