Symply G Keratin Review

By Mhownai - April 17, 2018

We all love some gorgeous hair that's why most of us spend thousands of pesos to be able to achieve our #hairgoals but little did we know there are some products that would suffice our needs for a gorgeous hair.

It's been how many months since I used this product from Symply G and up until now, though I've already tried several products some even costs a thousand I would still go back to my trusted brand.

Here is a photo of my hair before I started using this product

As you can tell, my hair is very frizzy and there are a lot of baby hairs because I experienced postpartum hair loss 6 months after giving birth until now actually, having a bad hair made me lose my self-confidence. So I was in the hunt of looking for products that would give me a less frizzy hair.

Here are my photos few months after using the product.

I noticed that my hair was less frizzy and it grew longer, am loving my hair. It feels so smooth and my hair started to get shiny.

One thing that I didn't like with this product is the scent, it's too strong for my liking but I still love it because it reminds me of the powder that my grandmother used to wear, I can't remember exactly the name though but it was from Avon.

I also love how affordable this product is, would you believe that a sachet of the shampoo and conditioner is 7 to 8 pesos each? In my medium lengthed hair, a sachet is good for 2 to 3 uses depending on how frizzy my hair is.

What's really amazing is it helped me cure my dandruff, I've tried several products but my dandruff is still there. Luckily, when I tried the product, at first, dandruff gets worse until it suddenly left my hair. Amazing.

Now, I'm using the pump bottle which retails for over 70-80 pesos each.

I also love how this product has its own shampoo,  back when my hair was not yet rebonded, I can use the shampoo alone because it moisturizes your hair. The conditioner, on the other hand, doesn't produce so much oil compared to other Brazilian and keratin products that I've tried.

My hair was rebonded last February and I really loved the results of the product, I'm sure that using Symply G, this would definitely help me maintain my straight hair.

You may purchase Symply G in all leading supermarkets and Pure Gold nationwide.

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