L&C Tint Review

By Mhownai - April 18, 2018

Recently, I made a first impression and swatches of L&C Tint on both here on my blog and on my Youtube channel. On my video, there are some points already in this tint that wow-ed me, but still, I want to test different characteristics like if this will add dryness and will it stay long on my lips.

I also made a wear test about this product on my youtube channel.

I applied two layers of the product on my lips. 

This photo was taken at 7:30 am.

Experience: Like what I’ve said on the first impression, for me it’s lacking pigmentation, the consistency is a bit watery on my liking but because of this, you can build the product according to your preference. I didn’t experience the product sitting on the inner part of my lips, it spreads evenly on my lips. I didn’t feel any moisturizing on my lips but it doesn’t go to the point that my lips are cracking and hurts.

12:30 pm

At this point, we already ate snacks (burger and fries) I also drank water and  of course, soft drinks

Experience: The color already faded but I can still see a hint of the shade on the outer part of my lips. I’m really impressed with the product as it didn’t add to the dryness on my lips.


I already had lunch. I ate kare-kare and chicken
Experience: The color is no longer visible on my lips which I didn’t mind because it’s been around 8 and a half hours since I first applied the product. I’m really impressed because my skin was not that dry.

Final thoughts

I really liked the shade that I wear (Cosmos). The longevity was very fair for me. I didn’t smell any scent but that doesn’t really matter to me. There’s also no bitter aftertaste as I applied the product; really buildable product to your preferred liking which is perfect for those people who wanted to go for a really natural look. Didn’t add dryness on my lips which is one of my most favorite on my skin.

My most favorite characteristic of this product? No teeth stains.

For the price of only 130 pesos, it’s really worth it.

If you are interested to try the product, you can go ahead and check their links down below

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/thepinkstreetorganics.ph/

Shopee account

Use this codes when ordering in Shopee:

AMAZTINT and you will be receiving ₱100 OFF for every ₱500 worth of L&C Tints
AMAZPINKM and you will be receiving ₱100 OFF for every ₱1,000 worth of product purchase

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