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By Mhownai - March 11, 2018

Last weekend, my best friend Vinna and I visited The Yard Street Food Cinema in Timog Avenue to try and test out the ribs of Lord of the Ribs by Migo's. It's been a while since I tried out ribs, the last ribs that I tasted was from Racks though I'm not really sure if it's still running.


Lord of the Ribs by Migo's is located at Second Floor of The Yard Street Food Cinema, Timog Avenue, Quezon City, in front of  Lafline comedy bar.

I would say that the location was really accessible to the public, you can easily find the location and it's not that hard to find a ride when you go home in the middle of the night. Though one thing I've noticed though was when we were waiting for our uber, it was around 8 in the evening, there were street children asking us to buy their Sampaguita we humbly decline and asked for our take away food instead.


Just like any other food parks, there was a lot of food stalls available. With its theme: Cinema, you would notice that every stall inside the food park was inspired by a movie, thus, Lord of the Ribs is obviously inspired by the Lord of the Rings.

Looking at their facade, you would immediately get the inspiration. There are also some kiddos who takes a picture with the Gollum or as we all know as "my precious".


We were offered 4 variety of food for our review.

The first one that they gave was the Rib Nachos for 160 pesos. Lord of the Ribs made an effort to incorporate ribs with Nachos. The typical nachos that I used to eat were with ground beef so when I tried their ribs, I was really surprised to know that they replaced the ground beef with their very own ribs.
 Rib Nachos for 160 pesos
I love how savoury the ribs are and how fresh the tomatoes and onions. Not to mention, their cheese was really different. I'm not sure if they used two kinds of cheese but I can taste something sweet and salty. Their nacho chips were really tasty as well. The serving was just right for the amount but the taste is worth more than 160.

Second, they served Dynamite Ribs which retails for 150 pesos. When I saw this, I am positive that this is would be my least favourite on their menu because I'm not fond of spicy foods. If you have been my viewer on my youtube, you would see how much I failed on the Samyang Spicy Noodle challenge.

I still had a taste of this because they said that they cleaned the seeds properly and according to the owner, it's not spicy at all. Well, as much as I would love to say that is true when I had my first bite, I definitely tasted the spiciness of the food.

Dynamite Ribs for 150 pesos.
The twist in this dish was instead of putting ground pork or beef, of course, they replaced the ground meat with ribs and their cheese. However, on my own tasting, I didn't taste the rib because the spicy taste was overpowering, good thing there's the cheese to balance the spiciness. Also, their dip was not mixed, the mayonnaise was below the ketchup, I prefer the mixed dip. One thing I also noticed when Vinna and I were eating, what's lacking on this dish is its consistency, Vinna had eaten two dynamite sticks she mentioned that the second dynamite was spicier than the other first one.

The third was the Family Baby Back Ribs which retails for 680 pesos, this has 3 ribs with 3 sides. I really love how thick their sauce is and how buttery their sides are, my favourite is the corn. The ribs were really tender and juicy that the meat departs from the bone.The sauce was more on the sweet savoury side for me, there's also a hint of a smokey flavour on the rib which is one of the most favourite characteristics of the dish.

 Family Baby Back Ribs for 680 pesos
The last dish that we tasted was the Cheesy Ribs for 295 pesos wherein they used 4 kinds of cheese served in a metal bowl-ish type of thing and blowtorch it in front of you. I was really impressed because honestly, this is my first time to experience such serving. The ribs were already chopped so you can easily dive into the dish and dip it in the sauce. The cheese matched well with the homemade secret sauce.

Cheesy Ribs for 295 pesos
Speaking with the owner, Ms Regine, she revealed that his husband who works in the IT industry has a love for ribs so when they made their own food business, his husband was the one who invented the sauce. She also said that his husband doesn't have any background in culinary what-so-ever, being a foodie himself, he watched several youtube videos to make his very own signature sauce. Well, I say that he really did a really great job, the flavours are there and balance well with the dish, it's not to sour and not really sweet.

After the meeting, my family decided to eat at the Lord of the Ribs because they also wanted to taste the food and also, to add more critics.We ordered the Solo Baby Back Ribs, they're selling it for 230 pesos. It has a big slab of baby back ribs with one (1) side dish and a cup of rice.

Solo Baby Back Ribs for 230 
I was really surprised to see how big their serving is, their ribs are very large for the entire meal, I would definitely say that 230 was really worth it.

My parents enjoyed the food and they said that the sauce was really good.


The prices of the food were really affordable; the management didn't sacrifice the taste and the presentation of the food. I can really attest that you will leave The Yard with a full stomach when you eat at Lord of the Ribs by Migo's


The employees were really nice, they were able to give everything we asked for like gloves, toothpicks and extra napkins. They served us wearing their sweetest smile which is a very nice attitude when it comes to customer service.

I would definitely go back here and try everything on the menu, I've been eyeing on the Ribs Popcorn. Well, see each other again Lord of the Ribs.

If you wish to try their products, head over to The Yard Street food Cinema, Timog Avenue and try their tasty, mouthwatering ribs. For more information, you may check out their social media accounts:
Facebook Lord of the Ribs
Instagram @ordoftheribsbymigos

Watch my video with Lord of the Ribs

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