Ways on How to Limit Your Child's Screen Time

By Mhownai - February 09, 2018

Whenever I go I always see kids holding their own gadgets and watch videos to keep them entertained while their parents are running errands. In this digital era, gadgets are really helpful to keep your kids preoccupied when you have tons of things to do for the entire day. We all moms need to have a break, I'm sure you know what I'm saying and sometimes, giving them something to keep themselves busy just for a short period of time, thus, gadgets are our only friend that could help us in this situation.

I'm a single mom who's also a student, full-time writer and a hands-on mom. It's really hard to manage everything most especially when everything gets tough and your baby is crying on the top of his lungs. So the only thing I usually do is give him my tablet and let him watch some nursery rhymes while I'm either studying or making write-ups.

However, I realized after reading some articles about bad effects of too much exposure to gadgets amongst our kids, I need to do something to cut his screen time, I tried keeping the gadget but he cries and throws tantrums whenever he wants to watch.

So far here are the things that made me cut off his screentime. Right now, his screentime is only 2 hours less- which is a really big difference.

Offering other toys that he could play

I let him play with some household stuff that we're not using anymore. In this picture, he was playing with a plastic holder for paper plates. I love letting him play with these because it also enhances his imagination. For instance, he uses this paper plate holder as a steering wheel. We usually play this while singing 'The Wheels On The Bus'. He also plays with some old pots and even disposable spoon and forks while pretending to cook something.

Introduce books

Being a bookworm myself, I want him to treasure the values of books, I want him to feel excited whenever he has a new book and enjoys reading them. I bought him the hard pages so that it would not be destroyed easily. I make sure that the books that I'm offering have a lot of pictures. Right now, he enjoys this book- which has a lot of pictures of different animals. He also learned some of their sounds which I find it really cute.

Take him outside

Working at home is really comfortable because you can do your work while wearing your pyjamas or even not take a bath at all but make sure to at least make yourself breathe some air, walk outside and talk to your neighbours. Which is also really great idea to let your baby practice how to walk and also meet some friends that will eventually be their playmates soon.

What are the other things you do to cut your child's screen time? 

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