Easiest Ways to Save Money

By Mhownai - February 07, 2018

Being a single mom, it's really hard to budget and save for Edmund's future. Since I'm starting to build a youtube career, I need to invest in upgrading my camera equipment and also buy makeup since I'm trying to be a beauty vlogger. The challenge is, I don't have a stable income.

You might think that being a blogger is a really good way to earn money because I'm in the comfort of our home, but it's not like that. Mostly, I earn gift certificate and some paid sponsors, but the money that I am earning is not enough to sustain my son's needs.

This year, I one of my goals is to save more money. I was really lucky to have a freelance job as a contributor on a website, though the income was not fixed, it's still a good source of money. There are a lot of things that I do to save money.

I bought an accordion type of envelope wherein I put tags 'Edmund Savings' 'Mommy's Savings' 'The Ultimate Ipon Challenge' 'Receipts' 'Monthly Expense Tracker' that's the only tags that I have on my envelope right now. So basically here's where I keep my money and receipts.

Expense Tracker is the best way for me to track all my expenses. Last month, I didn't have a budget to follow because I want to know where does my money turns out I spend over 7,000 last month and that went all to food and gifts- not a wise spender I know. So I gave myself a budget of 2,000 for all the things, that includes the makeup and Edmund's needs, on the other hand, doesn't include in my budget, of course, we would never know what else does he need.

I do the ultimate ipon challenge and the invisible twenty challenge. The ultimate ipon challenge is a challenge made by peso sense wherein they don't require a timeline when you should put money on your piggy bank, they have provided a chart wherein I copied on my bullet journal and all you have to do is tick the box if you put some money, the goal is to tick all the boxes of a specific amount. I believe that if you tick all the boxes, you will have a total savings of around 50,000. WOW!

The invisible twenty challenge is a challenge wherein if you have twenty peso bill in your wallet, you will consider it invisible, try your best not to spend it because you'll be putting it on your jar. I chose the smallest bill because I'm still trying if I can do this and also like I've mentioned, I don't have a stable income, it's really nice to start somewhere.

I may look like I'm very tight when it comes to money, and that's true. I value money, that's all; aside from that, I really need to start saving for Edmund's tuition, I've heard that tuition fees worth a fortune. So if I save money early, I might not have a problem in the future.

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