Tough Love, Real Love

By Mhownai - February 23, 2018

Being a single mom at 20 has never been easy, I experienced severe depression and anxiety and I almost lose my sanity. Looking back, I realized how much I took myself for granted and how much I didn't put my son first over everything but I didn't regret any of that because if I didn't undergo through all those challenges, I wouldn't be the woman and the mother that I am today.

I remember when Edmund was small, I was so scared of carrying him but I didn't let it show because I need to be tough and let them feel that "I know what I'm doing" and I can do this. But that didn't go for long when my partner and I broke up, it felt like I also given up, anxiety suddenly kicked in then here comes depression. Challenge after challenge, I felt like it was never ending and until now, to be honest, I'm still battling all my demons.

Every day is a learning process for me, being a mother and a daughter. I realized as the day has gone by, there's no perfect mother, daughter woman. No books could ever say on how to be a perfect mom, no money could ever determine that you're a good daughter and no man could ever say what exactly is a perfect woman. We are all unique, beautiful and perfect in our own little way.

Dove has been living with their legacy of empowering women, celebrating life and enhance each and every woman's confidence. Over these years, they have been providing us with a wide variety of products that would enhance our true beauty and now, they have launched a new line of baby products, this will surely help us take care of our baby's skin.

Dove baby is our newest partner in keeping the skin of our kids healthy and moisturized throughout the day making it look their best 24/7!

Baby Dove's product range includes:
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Baby Dove is now available at My Baby Planet PH.

"Children are the anchors that hold a mother to live" - Sophocles

Being a mom was no easy so if you're a mom regardless if you're single, widowed, married, I admire you all and we need to celebrate our tough but real love that we have for our children, the kind of love that expects nothing in return a kind of love that is beyond all boundaries. If you feel like you're giving up, keep calm, take a rest, you're doing great momma. You can do it. We can do this! 

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