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By Mhownai - February 17, 2018

I've been exclusively breastfeeding Edmund for already 1 year and 8 months. Indeed, I am one of the lucky moms to be blessed with ample milk supply. In fact, I am pretty close with my ultimate goal to feed Edmund until I graduate hopefully next year.

However, the problem is I feel that my milk supply slowly diminish. Right now, Edmund is only feeding through my right boob because my milk in my left boob is already gone, I feel like my boobs are already getting lighter and I'm getting more frustrated if I can be able to achieve my goal.

Recently I receive this product and I was thrilled to try this, I haven't tried any milk boosting foods and supplements aside from eating viands that has malunggay.

M2 Concentrate Tea is a nutritious ready to drink tea which is made not only for lactating or pregnant moms but for people who wanted to have a daily dose of vegetable needs in their body in just one glass, thus, people who wanted to be healthy.

Malunggay, Okra and Ginger are present in this drink as their main ingredient. A glass of this product is packed with nutrients, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, potassium and calcium. It has also been proven to improve the amount of milk of nursing mothers.

How to drink?

Well some people like me drink this as it is, but you may also use this method:

  • Add 4 tbsps of M2 Concentrate Tea in a glass of water
  • Add Lemon or Kalamansi to taste

You may also drink it hot and cold. I prefer mine cold.

Thoughts on the product

I am not a fan of so many vegetables that's why I got a little nervous of drinking this because I am not fond of the taste of vegetables (you know what I mean) but I was really amazed because when I drank this product, I didn't feel like I was drinking a healthy drink.

Taste. It tastes sweet but not too sweet. It reminds me of Neste Iced Tea (Lemon). There is a hint of Ginger in my own opinion but it's not overpowering the entire taste of the drink. I like how it was refreshing and it quenches my thirst. I can drink this all day.

Boosting my milk supply

Like I mentioned earlier, my left boob didn't have any milk at all but after a week of drinking this, I suddenly feel a weight on my left boob, my milk supply got back! I am really impressed. I also felt my boobs starting to hurt as if Edmund was hungry (have you heard about the old saying that whenever you boob is hurting, your child is already hungry) I also feel like my boobs start to harden again.

I cannot exactly say if my milk supply increases because I am not pumping my milk. But one thing I noticed is that Edmund latches all day every day even though he's already eating solids. I was thinking that maybe this tea affects the taste of my milk? I don't know but I am happy that Edmund latches all day.

Where to purchase the product and how much?

It is available in all Robinsons Supermarkets and Andoks Litson Manok stalls. It is also available online through their partner stores and resellers.

1 liter is 259.00 pesos and 300ml is 99.00 pesos

Infants and children 2 years and below, it is better to ask your pedia before offering this delicious drink.

For more information about the product and updates, head over to their page M2 Lactation Club

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